How to use Cricut Stencil Vinyl on Wood

How to use Cricut Stencil Vinyl on Wood Crafting can be frustrating!  But oh, so fulfilling!  Do you ever see a project and your like, “I can do that!  Easy peasy!  I got this!”  And then you get started, and you are like WTF?  Have you been there?  Do you know what I am saying?…LOL Well, this weekend, I tried doing a Cricut stencil using vinyl for a decorative rustic wood piece.  Let me share with you what I have learned and to help make things easy on you for your next project when using your Cricut stencil vinyl on … Read More

The 10 best washi tape ideas for card making

Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

10 Best Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making If you’re a paper card maker, then today’s blog post is all for you because we’re going to break down our 10 favorite washi tape ideas for card makers!  And, the best part about this list is how diverse it is!  From seasonal ideas to birthday embellishments, to more generic decorations, we’re positive there’s an idea on this list you’ll love!  Also, check out our blog about the 8 Uses of Washi Tape. PS… Sort of new to the card making game?  Don’t worry; it shares a lot of the same tools … Read More

Scrapbook Ideas for Kids

Scrapbook Ideas for Kids while Homeschooling

Scrapbook Ideas for Kids while Homeschooling Are you looking for craft ideas for your child in today’s world of homeschooling? Are you running out of project ideas for the kiddos and need to keep them busy while you are also trying to work?  You are not alone, my friend!  A great project and low startup cost project you can do would be scrapbooking!  Keep reading for some great scrapbook Ideas for kids to get you started! You know that here at JK Crafts, we always want you to dedicate lots of time to your crafting hobby.  Take those few minutes … Read More

Best glue guns for crafting

The Best Glue Guns for Crafting Whether you’re a crafter or not, odds are you have a glue gun lying around the house…somewhere.  But, the real question is, is it the best glue gun for crafting and your needs? Just like any other tool in your crafting toolbox, a glue gun should adequately align with your crafting endeavors.  And if you haven’t invested in a new one lately, yours might be outdated or not right for your projects. If that sounds like the case, fear no more!  JK Crafts Co is here to tell you all about glue guns.  From … Read More

Uses of Washi Tape

8 Uses of Washi Tape JK Crafters, are you sick of going through adhesives at lightning speed?  Does it seem like once you’ve restocked your adhesive of choice, you need to go out and buy more?  If that sounds like you, we get it. And besides, we all already know that adhesives can be costly and frustrating to work with on projects. So, wouldn’t it be nice if your scrapbooking adhesive was inexpensive, easy-to-use, and added an ornate touch too?  Well, JK Crafter, we’re here today to give you some great news!  That exact item does exist— and it’s called … Read More

Scrapbook Storage Ideas for crafters

The 10 Best Scrapbook Storage Ideas & Products for Crafters How is your scrapbook storage? Do you have all your supplies nicely organized? Can you find the Fall Paper or those special scissors when you are looking for them? If you have been keeping up with all our fun articles from the “Best Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need” to our “20 Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You“, your crafting area is probably full by now! Endless stacks of patterned paper, random photos, and mismatched embellishments…it can feel quite overwhelming. But luckily today, we’re here to fix all of that … Read More

Scrapbook photo albums

Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need

The Only Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need! Lately, we’ve been finding that there are TONS of articles out there about all things scrapbooking technique.  From layout ideas to themes, to types of decorative products…but what about the scrapbook photo albums themselves? You see, the actual scrapbook photo album you choose is the first impression your book will make—the size of it, the color, the material of the cover, etc.  And of course, all of these choices contribute to the overall look and feel of your finished scrapbook.  So, we recommend you make an informed decision! Although, of course, in … Read More

Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You

20 Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You If you are like me when you are starting to create a scrapbook or memory book or even card making, you are always aiming to find new embellishments for scrapbooking.  Are you perusing Pinterest like a maniac?  Yep, me too!  So, we are all about helping save you time on your crafting journey, and I have found some embellishments for scrapbooking that are bound to inspire you on your next project. Because, as fun as creating scrapbooks is, we know that sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge.  What theme do … Read More

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night!

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night! What could be more fun and stress relieving than having a crafting party?  Inviting some of your loved ones over to join you, of course!  We are going to talk about some fun craft party ideas that you can start planning for your next craft night right now!  From scrapbooking to T-Shirts to blankets, these ideas are perfect for all levels of crafters.  It’s the ideal way to share your favorite hobby with some of your favorite people.  And of course, it’s a great way to share skills, trade crafting materials, or … Read More

How to Make Easy Handmade Cards

How to Make Easy Handmade Cards Have you ever been given a beautiful card that you were in awe of?  Or seen a beautiful card at the store and you wanted to recreate?  Do you want to make something from the heart that you cannot get at the local drug store?  So, how can I make a handmade card for someone special?  Handmade cards are one of our favorite craft projects because they are more than just a form of creative expression. They serve a practical purpose too! Gone are the days scrambling for expensive cards to acknowledge a loved … Read More