scrapbook for wedding ideas and inspiration

scrapbook for wedding ideas and inspiration

All the Scrapbook for Wedding Ideas and Inspiration You’ll Ever Need!

Scrapbook for wedding

Do you scour the web for scrapbook layout ideas looking for your next inspiration?  Do you need a scrapbook for wedding ideas to do for your BFF or your own wedding?  Yep, that is me too! 

We are here to help you, and as promised, it’s time for us to release the first of our 20 scrapbook idea inspiration posts!  We’ve done the hard work for you and put together posts that are fun, informative, and inspiring all at once.  Because let’s be honest, if there’s any year, you deserve to unwind and escape into your favorite hobby… it’s 2020!

At any rate, today, we’re excited to kick off our series with one of our favorite memory book themes.  Weddings! 

We plan on sharing scrapbook for wedding ideas, our seven favorite wedding page themes and layouts, AND all the high-quality products you need to make them for yourself.  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!

Our 10 Favorite Scrapbook Ideas for Weddings

1) Black and White

We wanted to start this post with a theme that’s classy and timeless. No matter what theme or color scheme the wedding you’re commemorating has… You can never go wrong with a sleek black and white page layout. And, to amp up this scrapbook for wedding page layout even further, remember our favorite hack: print out the photos in black and white too!

a) Take this gorgeous layout by Sweet Shoppe Designs for instance:

This scrapbooker used a black textured background paper and delicate embellishments like self-adhesive rhinestones
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

and a lace ribbon.

Scrapbook for wedding Ideas
All of these carefully chosen embellishments work together to make you feel like you were actually at this classy affair!

b) But, if that layout’s not your style, don’t sweat it! Here’s another excellent interpretation of a black and white layout that’s sure to inspire even more scrapbook for wedding ideas. This one, by Scrapbook.com, is great inspiration if you want your scrapbook to have a more vintage approach.

In this gorgeous layout, instead of using a stark white, the crafter went for a more muted eggshell tone. We love this choice because it warms up the page, without competing for the black and white photos’ attention. Additionally, the intricate border embellishments along the edges frame the page in an exciting and classy way.
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

2) Floral

Next up, we have another theme that draws on a classic wedding concept. Because what is a wedding without flowers, are we right, JK Crafters? They’re simple, attractive, and are sure to inspire many more scrapbook for wedding ideas in your wedding memory book.

a) This floral wedding page layout, By Alicia at Time to Create, is whimsical, bright, and smart!

The black and white photo and earth tone page let the bright, colorful flower embellishments speak for themselves.

Scrapbook for wedding Ideas
Plus, the way the flowers are arranged on the opposite corners of the photo creates an almost flower arch effect. Believe it or not, they frame the image and work to draw the viewer’s eye right to the couple!

b) This floral page by the Creative Memories Blog, is also one of our favorites when it comes to scrapbook for wedding ideas.

We love how the pastel colors of the daisy style flowers match the actual flowers in the bride’s bouquet. Plus, the simplistic design and placement of the flowers allow the reader to focus on what really matters… The heartfelt captions and pictures!
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

3) Mr. and Mrs.
If you’ve been to any bridal affair lately, then you’ve probably seen the “Mr. and Mrs.” theme at work firsthand. And luckily, this theme is not just big in the wedding décor world, but it’s also made it to the scrapbooking world!

a) The way this page is designed, by Sweet Shoppe Designs, you can almost feel the excitement shining off of it! We love the gold-flecked paper and “Mr. and Mrs.” calligraphy embellishment. Plus, the paper flowers and lace doily add lots of texture and whimsy!
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas
b) For those scrapbookers that want their memory book for wedding to have a timeless feel, check out this layout. The black and white “Mr. and Mrs.” text embellishment is front and center, so the theme reads loud and clear.
Plus, we love all the different patterns this scrapbooker incorporated into the page. By dividing the layout into sections with varying designs of background, they created something that’s simple, exciting, and creative!

4) Bridal Party
As you likely already know, it’s almost impossible to have a wedding without your loved ones by your side. So…why not show your appreciation for them with a scrapbook page?!

a) This scrapbooker, by Mosiac Moments, does a great job of incorporating the colors from the photos into their other design elements.

We also love how they alternated the color matting they chose to mount their pictures on. It looks professional yet fun all at once! Finally, don’t forget to take note of the beautiful tribute mounted in the middle of the page. It’s sure to make the bridesmaids tear up when they see it!

b) Conversely, this Bridesmaid tribute page has a more homemade feel.

The scrapbooker did an excellent job handwriting the bridesmaids’ name with a gorgeous, gold medium tip marker. Which if you’re ever looking for the BEST writing utensils for scrapbooking, look no further than here. We also love the “photo strip” effect they were able to achieve along the left-hand side of the page. They did this by adhering small pictures on top of one another and mounting them on the same vertical matte.

Scrapbook for wedding Ideas
5) Detail Pages
a) If you’ve ever planned a wedding before, then you know that A LOT of work goes into the details! And these next two layouts are dedicated to just that.

When you plan a wedding, you pay so much for the cake, flowers, centerpieces, etc. Don’t you think they deserve their very own memory page? This scrapbooker seemed to think so, and we couldn’t agree more!

The close-up shots of the wedding cake, bouquet, and rings in black and white work like a still life that the bride will want to relive over and over again! Get the original Pioneer leather-bound album featured in this layout here:
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

b) While stepping into the wedding dress doesn’t take all that long, it’s still a moment that should be well-documented!

This layout does a great job of showing the entire progression of zipping up the bride. We don’t miss any tender mother-daughter moments thanks to the fanned-out photos along the bottom. Plus, the lace photo borders and adorable 3-D text embellishments work together to make a heartwarming page!
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

We know that every bride and scrapbooker has their own personality- and these scrapbooks for wedding ideas showcase just that! So, if you love living life with a little bit of laughter, these next two page layouts are for you.

With butterflies, bows, and flowers, you can just feel the energy radiating off of this page. We love how the chosen embellishments pick up on the powder blue and white color scheme of the wedding photo. And since they used so many great embellishments, we couldn’t pick JUST ONE to share with you:

Scrapbook for wedding IdeasFor the couple who likes humor in their life, you can’t go wrong with the “Eat. Drink. Be Married” theme. This scrapbooker did a great job hand-picking photos that match each word. And of course, they’ve made quite a few choices to show off their unique scrapbooker personalities like contrast blue and green scrapbook paper with a funky font and dated black and white photos.

7) I Do
What is a wedding without the big “I Do” anyway? These next two page layouts are dedicated to the moment where the couple “seals the deal” with a romantic kiss.

The simplicity of this page is one of our favorite things about it. Just one picture, some florals, a “Kiss the Bride” embellishment, and doily are all you need!
Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

And of course, we must draw your attention to how the white floral decorations match the groom’s corsage!

This gorgeous page layout is the best way for us to conclude this post.  The red and black theme is bold, eye-catching, and picks up on the colors of their day.

Plus, what color says love and kisses more than a deep red?  Get the chipboard letters used to write “Kiss” in gold so that you can put your spin on it!

Scrapbook for wedding Ideas

Well, JK Crafters, that sums up our scrapbook for wedding ideas! We hope this post has inspired and encouraged you to try some new scrapbook ideas for your wedding layouts! Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks because there’s plenty of more scrapbooking inspiration where this came from! Including baby memory books, graduation scrapbooks, and more!

We would love to see what you are creating so please share with us on Facebook and Instagram and check us out for more inspiration on our Pinterest boards for craft-inspiration all week long!

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