10 Ideas for Travel Scrapbook

10 Ideas for Travel Scrapbook

10 AWESOME Ideas for Travel Scrapbook!

We know JK Crafters, we know.  2020 hasn’t been the most conducive for travel plans.  In fact, sometimes just a trip to the supermarket can feel like a cause for excitement these days!  But, all joking aside… Just because you might not have travelled this year, doesn’t mean you don’t already have plenty of adventure book material!  From old family vacation photos, to those day trip snapshots that are taking up space on your phone… we have the perfect, entertaining stay-at-home solution with some great ideas for your travel Scrapbook

Half the fun of traveling is creating memories anyway, right?  And what good are memories if we can’t relive them every now and again.  So JK Crafters, now is your chance!  Start remembering where all those amazing travel photos are.

Then, once you’ve got a few great shots in mind for your travel scrapbook, keep scrolling!  Cuz we’re just getting started!

From ideas for travel scrapbook, to the perfect adventure book embellishments, by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be booking the next scheduled departure for Scrapbook city!  So what are you waiting for?  Pack your bags and let’s go!

10 Awesome Ideas for Travel Scrapbook

1) State Inspired

Sometimes your travels are bigger than one city…they take on an entire state!  If you’ve taken an extensive state-wide trip, then one of these travel scrapbook ideas might be for you!

California. The golden state. The sunshine state… Whatever you call it, it’s the backdrop for this creative travel scrapbook layout. We love how this scrapbooker used the memorable shape of the state as the focal point of the page.

And of course, you can do the same! Either as a frame your vacation photos, or as a backdrop for a caption, like this crafter did. We also love the use of photo matting in this layout. From each individual photo, to the “California” title itself, everything on this page pops since it’s mounted on colorful paper!

To recreate this adventure book page, first you’ll need antique map scrapbook paper.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

Then, grab your photos and mounting paper, and get started matting and layering! And of course, if you’re one for themed embellishments, then you can’t miss out on this California scrapbooking kit.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

It has all the Golden State details you’ve been looking for!

Here’s another approach you can take if you’ve visited an iconic state lately. Split the page into even rectangular windows, and put a photo, embellishment, or text in each one.

Because, even if you didn’t visit NYC, you can still borrow some inspiration from this layout idea. Especially the mini-postcard in the bottom right corner!

To get you started, you’ll want these awesome, bright NY cardstock stickers.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

Plus, this New York scrapbooking pack; complete with NY themed letters, papers, stickers, and borders!
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

2) Globe Inspired

We know JK Crafters, some of you have explored more than just our 50 states… You’ve traveled the whole entire world!  And if that’s the case for you, then you’ll likely find inspiration from one of these ideas for a travel scrapbook!

If you’re a true world traveler with too many pictures to count, then this adventure book layout’s for you! Because the entire globe is your backdrop, your only limit is your own imagination!

You can include pictures from multiple vacations, or just stick to one amazing adventure. Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it’ll be FABULOUS!

So, if you want to take a stab at this layout, we have two tools for you. The first is this globe stencil,

Ideas for travel Scrapbook
so you can line up which photos you want in each section.

And the second is this exacto knife so you can cut your photos perfectly!
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

And P.S. If you’ve been interested in expanding your papercutting arsenal beyond Exacto knives, check out all our favorite paper cutters here.

So, maybe you liked the globe idea above, but cutting out all those pictures was just too tedious for you. If that’s the case, don’t fret! We’ve got more cute ideas for travel scrapbook, like this one.

Where you still get all the creativity of a globe design, but with more room for creative freedom.
To try a layout like this on your own, you’ll definitely want this wanderlust stamp.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

And these modern travel phrase stickers, so that meticulously handwritten embellishments and captions are a thing of the past!

3) Road Trip

Planes and trains are cool and all, but road trips are so special, they deserve their own travel scrapbook ideas section!  And that’s exactly what these next two ideas for travel scrapbook layouts offer!

By far this is one of our favorite ideas for travel scrapbook because it’s more than just one layout… It’s a whole series of inspiration! Seriously, click on the link above and see the entirety of this awesome road trip!

We love how it starts with a colorful map of the US, pinpointing exactly where they traveled to. And the beige and brown neutral tone color scheme gives a great “hittin’ the dirt road” kind of vibe!

If this travel scrapbook idea has got you excited, then allow us to help you get started. You’ll definitely want to pick up this US map stencil.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

That way you can fill in each state with different color or textured papers or photos. And, you don’t want to miss out on these compass rose stickers either; a staple used many times throughout this scrapbook.

Colorful, exciting, and well-themed are just a few words to describe this travel scrapbook page. We love how the photos were cut and pasted along the road, since they’re actual stops made along the highway! The different road sign embellishments also add an authentic road trip touch.

So, if colorful embellishments are one of your favorite things, check out this antique scrapbook sticker set .
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

The stickers are purposely made to look like tin, so you can get that vintage look you’re going for. Or, for those scrapbookers who might be in a rush, check out this “Life is a Highway” scrapbook kit!

So you can get all the excitement and creativity of this layout, with a quarter of the work.

4) Scenic Views

Once in a while, we visit a place that’s so picturesque, one photo simply doesn’t do it justice.  If you have a postcard-worthy picture from your travels, then a scenic view layout might be the way to go!

If you’re a fan of taking the “scenic route,” then you have to check out this adventure book page layout. The bright colors and layering effect make this page fun and exciting to look at.

Plus, this scrapbooker was nice enough to give a step by step breakdown of how they made this layout. Click the link above to see for yourself!

And, once you’re ready to try your hand at it, you’ll definitely want this scenic route paper and sticker set.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

Ideas for travel Scrapbook

Because well-themed pages mean extra well-thought-out product planning!

Sometimes landscape photos with nobody in them are the best ones you capture from your vacation. And if that’s the case, then give them their own page – where they can really stand out and be appreciated!

So if this travel scrapbook page is speaking to you, make sure you get the same white foam alphabet letters.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook
Because we’re sure they’ll add some three-dimensionality and personality to your page. And, if you love the way they included a smaller photo in the bottom left-hand corner, like a stamp… Then you have to check out these stamp border die-cuts!

That way you can matte any photo to look like a stamp whenever you want!

5) Traveler’s Collage

Traveled too many places to keep track?  Have wayyyy too many traveling photos to organize or sort through?  If that’s the case for you, nomadic friend, fear no more!  These collage travel scrapbook layouts let you effortlessly display all your exciting adventures at once.

Well, just because you haven’t gone there yet doesn’t mean you can’t scrapbook about it! We love the idea of a “Travel Bucket List” because it kind of works like a vision board. So what are you waiting for? Let’s create your travel dream board so you can make it a reality!

To make this travel scrapbook layout, first, figure out how many places you have on your travel bucket list. Once you know, figure out a way you can evenly arrange them around the page. And then, you’ll need these awesome polaroid frame stickers.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

So you can make sure each travel destination really pops! Or, instead of pretending the photos are polaroids, why not ACTUALLY use polaroid pictures? Grab this instant mini Bluetooth photo printer, so you never have to wait to print a photo again!

Ideas for travel Scrapbook
Oh, and if you REALLY like the idea of printing photos at home… Then click here to read more about the best photo printers for scrapbookers!

On the other hand, maybe you’ve already been to LOTS of places. And if that’s the case, you might be looking for ideas for travel scrapbook that showcase just that.

And the good news is, this adventure book layout does just that!  Simply print out a map, grab some baker’s twine, and start pinning all your visited destinations!
Ideas for travel Scrapbook
And of course, if you’re going for an antique feel, you’ll need some kraft paper for your “typewritten” caption too.
Ideas for travel Scrapbook

More Inspiration…

Well JK Crafters, we sure hope this post took you on a trip! From the land of travel scrapbook inspiration, to the town of adventure book embellishments… We hope you found some useful tips, tricks, and products!

And guess what? Just when you thought we were done, we’ve got a couple more last minute products to share! Because a travel scrapbook is only as good as it’s cover, right? So be sure to check out these awesome travel themed adventure book kits and journals. So your travel scrapbook stays protected for years to come!

And finally, before we part ways for now, you’ve GOT to let us know… Have you made a travel scrapbook before? Got any ideas for travel scrapbook that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

We can’t wait to share your tips with others and try them out for ourselves.  And, speaking of sharing, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our Pinterest Boards. That way you stay up to date with JK Crafts all week long! 

Until next time, Happy Crafting!

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