Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

10 Best Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

The 10 best washi tape ideas for card making

If you’re a paper card maker, then today’s blog post is all for you because we’re going to break down our 10 favorite washi tape ideas for card makers! 

And, the best part about this list is how diverse it is!  From seasonal ideas to birthday embellishments, to more generic decorations, we’re positive there’s an idea on this list you’ll love!  Also, check out our blog about the 8 Uses of Washi Tape.

PS… Sort of new to the card making game?  Don’t worry; it shares a lot of the same tools as scrapbooking.  So long as you have scissors, crafting papers, and pens, you can dabble in card making!  (And we have a great list of must have’s for in your Paper Crafting Tool Box.)But, if you’d like to make some small investments before getting started, we’ve got two great suggestions. 

First, try out the paper corner rounder to instantly take your cards from newbie crafter to card maker pro.

Also, this awesome stamp kit is sure to give you plenty of inspiration to get started.  From heartfelt thank yous to birthday wishes, these stamps have every sentiment you could ever want in a card.

Our 10 Favorite Washi Tape Ideas for Card Makers!

      1.  Pennant Flag – Great for Birthdays, Congratulations, or Thank You Cards!

    You can grab some reasonably priced twine and choose any washi tape your heart desires. The fun part about this festive card design element is there are no rules! You can use one color/pattern of washi tape for all the pennant flags, or make them all different. Both ways are cute and creative.

Washi Tape for CardMaking

But no matter what you decide, the idea is rather simple.  Then cut your piece of twine so it can be draped across the front of your card in a relaxed fashion.  Every 1”, wrap a piece of washi tape around the twine, sticking it to itself. 

Then, cut the edges of each piece of washi tape into the type of pennant flag shape you desire.  Typically, a “W” or “V” shaped tip is the most popular choice. 

2. Make a “Layered” Birthday Cake or Cupcake – Great for Birthdays Cards!

Undoubtedly, these super-simple ideas are festive, fun, and easy to do!  To create a “birthday cake,” grab a couple of different types of washi tape.  They can be colored, glittery, patterned, or whatever you like!

Simply place three or more strips of washi tape parallel to one another, increasing in length from top to bottom.  Feel free to draw tiny candles on top and a cake pedestal underneath for the cutest birthday card cover!

However, if you’re more of a cupcake person, don’t fret; this one is a pretty easy washi tape idea too!  Grab one type of washi tape and overlap pieces vertically to make an upside-down trapezoid shape.  This is to simulate a disposable cupcake liner cup. 

Additionally, above that create the “frosting,” use glitter, glue down buttons, or cut out a cupcake icing top.  Any one of these ideas is sure to be cute, festive, and memorable!

3. Create a Pattern – Great for Any Card!

We don’t need to tell a creative like you all the ways you can make patterns out of washi tape.  You can alternate washi tapes in strips to create a vibrantly striped card.  You can cross washi tapes of different colors and thicknesses to create a plaid-like design.

In addition, you can even purchase paper punchers to make one-of-a-kind embellishments or patterns out of your favorite washi tape.  In fact, you can try out these punchers for polka dots or these for other interesting shapes.

washi tape ideas for cardmaking

4. Make Birthday Candles or Presents – Great for Birthdays Cards!

Since birthdays are one of the most popular occasions for cards, we’ve got lots of washi tape ideas for them!  These next ones couldn’t be any simpler!

First thing to remember for candles, create vertical strips of different washi tapes along the front of your card.  On top either draw “flames” or cut some out of yellow, red, and/or orange paper and glue down.  Next to that, write something cute like “Make a Wish!”  and you’ve got an adorable birthday-themed card in minutes!

To create a washi tape present, layer washi tape of the same length over one another horizontally.  The goal is to make a square or rectangle shape (like a gift box).  Top your washi tape “gift” with a bow, and you’ve made the cutest decorative present you’ve ever seen!

Two easy, yet cute ways to make a focal point for the cover of your next homemade birthday card.

5. Create a “Peel and Reveal” – Great for Any Card!

Could we call this article the best washi tape ideas if we didn’t include an idea with a “wow” factor?!  Well, this idea is it!

Most washi tapes are somewhat transparent, meaning that writing under them can be seen to a certain extent.  Use this to your advantage to create a fun “peel and reveal” card!

To do so, first, get your favorite dark-colored ink pen.  Next, write a secret or fun message in handwriting small enough to fit underneath the washi tape. 

Then, place the washi tape over your handwritten note!  Above that, write something intriguing like, “Peel for a surprise!” or “Peek-A-Boo!” And have the card’s recipient peel up the tape and enjoy the message.

Since washi tape is so gentle, this idea should work on any type of crafting paper without glitter or texture.  Plus, this could be a great, fun way to reveal individual information like… “Congratulations, you’re going to be an aunt!” Or, “Will you marry me?!”

6. Attach a Photo – Great for Any Card!

In a similar fashion, like we talked about in washi tape idea number 5, washi tape is exceptionally gentle.  That means it can be used on photos without having to worry about damaging them. 

This makes it the perfect, fun, and crafty way to attach photos to cards!  You can put a picture of you and the recipient on the front of the card for a focal point.

Or, surprise them with a photo on the inside that they can remove and hold onto as a keepsake. And remember, you can get crafty with your washi tape while doing this!

Pick four different types of washi tape and put a different one diagonally across each corner of the photo.  Or tape down all four sides of the picture with one kind of washi tape… And then surround that with another type for a matted look.

Whatever you choose to do will be amazing and undeniably you!

7. Make a Christmas Tree – Great for a Seasonal Holiday Card!

Similar to the layered birthday cake idea, washi tape is also a great way to make seasonal trees!  Get your favorite green washi tape and make horizontal parallel lines with it.  Each piece should get smaller and smaller as you make your way to the top of the “tree.”

And, if you’re adventurous, glue on some buttons or rhinestone embellishments like “ornaments.”

Like the idea but don’t have the perfect holiday washi tape on hand?  No worries, we’ve got you covered!  Check out this excellent green glitter washi tape to make a perfectly festive holiday tree!

washi tape ideasOr, if you just want some seasonal washi tape on hand for all cardmaking occasions, check this set out.

washi tape ideas

8. Washi Tape Feathers – Great for Any Card!

Number 8 on our best washi tape ideas list combines our favorite tape with a popular design element: feathers!  Simply grab a toothpick and stick washi tape to either side.  Be sure to leave a little bit of the toothpick sticking out on the bottom too. 

Then, grab some scissors.  Along the top, round the edges of the washi tape to a point.

Finally, on either side, make tiny trims to create a fringe effect.  And voila, you’ve got a washi tape feather that’s sure to add some style and texture to your homemade card!

9. Party Hat – Great for Birthdays or Congratulations Cards!

Let’s be honest, 9 out of 10 times when you make a card, it’s to celebrate!  And a washi tape party hat is a great way to express that.

First, cut out a large triangle on your favorite card stock as the foundation for your party hat. 

Then decorate it with washi tape!  You can make diagonal lines of different kinds of washi tape, polka dots, a crisscrossing effect, etc.

Finally, glue a pom-pom on top and baker’s twine on the bottom corners like the elastic of a party hat.  Now you’ve got a cute, festive homemade card that’s as exciting as you are!

10. Flowers – Great for Any Heartfelt Card!

Flowers can dress up and add a genuine, loving touch to any kind of card.  If that sounds like the style you’re going for, then listen up!  Grab a piece of cardstock (it doesn’t matter what it looks like because it’s going to be covered up).

Secondly, cover it entirely with washi tape on one side.  Feel free to use all different kinds, make it enjoyable!  This is going to be the base that you cut the petals of the flower out of on your cardstock.

Thirdly, on the back of the cardstock, draw a flower shape and cut. 

Finally, glue the flower onto your card and add some glitter, a rhinestone, or a button in the middle to simulate the pistil.  Feel free to make one large flower or a bunch of tiny ones.  Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it’ll look fun and creative!

Wrapping up…

We hope you learned a lot from our 10 Best Washi Tape Ideas list.  We made sure to compile a diverse list of ideas so all crafters could find one that fits their style!

Have you tried any of these washi tape ideas before?  Got a new one to share with the JK Crafts community?  Drop it in the comments below.  Your creativity and input only make our crafting community stronger!

And speaking of crafting community, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and get some great ideas and inspiration also on our Pinterest Boards.  That way, you’ll have one-of-a-kind craft-inspiration all week long!

Crafting Out!


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