Ten Memorable Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Ten Memorable Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Ten Memorable Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Tassels, graduation caps, diplomas, oh my!  That’s right JK Crafters, today we’re going to be talking about crafting for one of those big life milestones: graduation!  Or more specifically, scrapbook ideas for graduation.

And while it may feel like graduation season is far off, we have a suggestion you might like!  Of course, you can always use these layout ideas for anyone graduating in 2021 and beyond, but consider this too…

If you know anyone from the Class of 2020, you probably realized they didn’t get the usual graduation experience.  With the pandemic, they might feel like they didn’t get to make all the memories they should have.  And so, to lighten the pandemic-blow for them, why not make them a scrapbook for graduation?!

Gather all their schooling memories, and use some of these scrapbook ideas for graduation to make the best gift ever!  We’re sure they’ll appreciate it and cherish it for years to come!

So, whether you want to document graduation of the past or the future… We’ve got 10 awesome scrapbook ideas for graduation!  Just like our prior posts in this scrapbook inspiration series, we’re hooking you up with layout designs AND crafting products!  That way you can create your scrapbook for graduation with ease!

So, if you’re ready to “graduate” to some next-level scrapbooking layouts, then we’ve got everything you need to know, below!

1) “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

It’s no secret that recently, the Dr. Seuss favorite, Oh the Places You’ll Go, has become a token for graduates!  Whether you already planned to purchase the book and have memorable people in the graduate’s life sign it… or whether you’d prefer to keep it to scrapbook ideas for graduation, you can’t pass up this adorable theme!

If you’ve got a little one graduating soon, then this’ll probably be one of your favorite scrapbook ideas for graduation. The yellow, greens, and blues chosen for this layout are a great, subtle way to incorporate the classic “Oh the Places You’ll Go” color scheme.

And the sunshine in the top left corner reminds us that bright days are ahead for this little graduate!  To recreate this theme yourself, we’ve got some GREAT products! The first being this long-lasting vinyl sticker in Dr. Seuss font! Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

And the second: this vintage stamp set, so you can recreate the rustic ABC/number line underneath the photo.

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

We love this layout because it incorporates the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” theme in a more mature way. Which obviously, is preferable for those older graduates, while still keeping an optimistic, light-hearted feel.

You might not be able to tell from the photo, but this layout is actually done on silver metallic paper. A great way to create visual interest and keep the layout bright and exciting!

We also love all of the stickers layered on top of one another. They work to balance out the page without competing for the main photo’s attention.

If you like this scrapbook for graduation layout, go ahead and grab this graduate paper and sticker pack.

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

It has the same metallic papers and black and white sticker set as the layout above! So you can make an exciting, yet tasteful, layout for your graduate with ease.

2) Pre-K and Kindergarten Graduation

Here at JK Crafts Co., we understand not all graduates in your life may be high school or college age.  You might have some little ones who you want to create a memory book for graduation too!  And, if that’s the case, we have for you some adorable, bright scrapbook ideas for graduation right here!

This scrapbook for graduation layout is so clean and simple to look at… But, as is usual with great scrapbooking, a lot of work had to be done to achieve that!

The apple was cut from a die-cut machine, the owl and diploma were stamped and masked off… But, by far our favorite part is the secret pull tab! On the right side of the page, you’ll see something that says “pull!” This is because the scrapbooker chose to hide a page of journaling about this special day there.

She describes this as a “scrapbooking treasure hunt” she puts together for her kids to discover in the future. So cute and heartwarming, if we do so say ourselves!

To get you started on this particular memory book for graduation layout, you’ll want to get these two stamp sets! One has the owl used, and the other has the graduation hat and diploma.
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

A cute embellishment for any wise owl that might be graduating soon in your family!

Even though this layout was created for a Kindergarten graduate, it can be your inspiration for so much more! “Back to School,” “Parent-Teacher Night,” “School Award Night;” there’s so much this ‘School Days feel’ layout can work for. And while this scrapbooker really relied on her die-cutting machine for a lot of the embellishments… that doesn’t have to be the case.

Instead, you can check out these AWESOME sticker and paper packs! We’re sure they’ll bring your scrapbook ideas for graduation to life, for a fraction of the price!
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for GraduationBut, if you do think you’re ready to upgrade your scrapbooking game, you can check out our favorite die-cutting machines here!

3) Energetic Graduation Celebration!

Sometimes you have the type of graduate on your hands who is SO excited!  If that sounds like your little achiever, then these energetic, celebratory scrapbook for graduation layouts might be for you!

If “Yay!” pretty much sums up your graduate, then they’ll LOVE this layout! It’s full of energy, bright stars, and happy faces. Everything that a memory book for graduation should have! Plus, we love the way they included the actual tassel into the page. What an amazing way to hold onto an important keepsake!

If you’d like to capture this kind of energy in your scrapbook for graduation, then give these products a try! A graduation scrapbooking pack and a black, white, silver, and gold sticker set!

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

This is one of our favorite scrapbook ideas for graduation since it’s so clever! We love the idea of using stars to bring to life a “star student” theme! Whether that means using star stickers, star cutouts, adding some sparkle… or all of the above… we’re sure your grad will love this exciting layout!

And, the short but meaningful caption under the photos also helps give this scrapbook for graduation page a heartfelt feel.

And, since this page has A LOT going on, we’ll show you smaller detailed products you might not have noticed. Including these white chipboard alphabet stickers, which add texture and a pop of personality… And, these white enamel dots add some three-dimensionality and shine!
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

4) Heartfelt

For some families, graduation is more than a celebration.  It’s a time to be grateful, thankful, and proud.  If that sounds like your family’s vibe, then check out these two heartwarming scrapbook ideas for graduation!

We love all of the red, black, and white accents used in this scrapbook for graduation layout. It not only plays off the color scheme of the photos, but it adds some excitement to the page too! But still, the one thing that definitely sets this memory book for graduation page apart is the heartfelt note.

This page was made by an older sister for her younger sister and her pride just leaps off the page. She relives her own graduation while also wishing her sister well… A great memory to look back on now and for many generations to come!

For those scrapbookers who are ready to recreate this layout for themselves, definitely grab these Doodlebug accents. They’re cute and are sure to give your page a polished feel! Plus, if like this graduate your graduate was donned in red on their big day, you’ll LOVE these stickers!

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

For those more modern grads, this metallic #Grad layout will likely be well received. Notice how the black and white filter over the photo really helps the metallic elements pop! And of course, the scrapbooker has put a personalized note on strips of paper to make this layout more personalized.

If you want to jump on the metallic scrapbooking bandwagon, then check out these metallic, decorative sticker borders.
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Or, if you REALLY want to be current, we’re sure any millennial graduate will LOVE these rose gold scrapbooking papers.
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

5) All About the Tassel!

Sometimes we focus so much on the big accomplishment of graduating that we forget about all the little details… like the tassel!   Whether or not you want to incorporate the actual tassel into your layout… these scrapbook ideas for graduation are worth looking into!

This page is like a breath of fresh air! We love how flowers and glittery rhinestones are spread throughout the page. Plus, all the details make this page even more personalized. Like the “University of Delaware” logo and the labelled diploma with her degree and year of graduation.

So, here’s some diploma, tassel, and rhinestone stickers so you can make this memory book for graduation for yourself!
Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

If you agree, that “The Tassel was Worth the Hassle” then this is the scrapbook for graduation layout for you! We love how simple, clean, and clever it is all at once. Simply grab some bright background paper, add some matting, and lay down important landmark photos!

And we’re happy to get you started with these awesome products… A stamp kit with PLENTY of graduation details, including “The Tassel was Worth the Hassle” saying, and graduation hat stickers!

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

Scrapbook Ideas for Graduation

More Inspiration…

So, if you’re excited about these ten scrapbook ideas for graduation, turn your tassel and throw your hat!  Which scrapbook for graduation layout are you most excited to try?  Do you have any other scrapbooking products you’d like to recommend to our JK Crafts Co. Community? We can’t wait to hear about it all down below!

And, before we officially sign off for today, don’t forget to give us a friend request or follow on our FacebookInstagramand Pinterest Boards!

And for more inspiration for other great scrapbooking templates download the 10 Must-Have Scrapbook Layout Templates for Every Occasion

See you next week for our third scrapbook inspiration post in this series!  But in the meantime…

Happy Crafting!


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