Uses of Washi Tape

Uses of Washi Tape

8 Uses of Washi Tape

8 Uses of Washi Tape

JK Crafters, are you sick of going through adhesives at lightning speed?  Does it seem like once you’ve restocked your adhesive of choice, you need to go out and buy more?  If that sounds like you, we get it. And besides, we all already know that adhesives can be costly and frustrating to work with on projects.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if your scrapbooking adhesive was inexpensive, easy-to-use, and added an ornate touch too?  Well, JK Crafter, we’re here today to give you some great news!  That exact item does exist— and it’s called washi tape! 

Washi tape is a decorative, photo-safe tape from Japan.  And it has become trendy in the crafting and DIY world over the past few years, for a good reason!  Well, actually, for eight good reasons! 

Want to know what they are?  Then sit back, relax, and read 8 Uses of Washi Tape that are sure to bring your next papercraft project to the next level!

8 Uses of Washi Tape You NEED to Try!

1) Use it as an appealing adhesive
For scrapbookers, probably one of the best uses of washi tape is as an adhesive. Gone are the days that your adhesive has to be transparent or hidden. Since washi tape comes in so many cute patterns, colors, and designs, you’ll be happy to use it to adhere photos.

Uses of Washi Tape

Simply place a small piece on the top of your photo, or even put it along all four sides. Whatever you choose to do, we guarantee your photo will stay in place and be safe from acid damage. Uses of washi tape

From metallic to glittery to patterned washi tape, we’re sure there’s a roll-out there that fits your scrapbooking style. Uses of washi tape
2) Create a new embellishment
For those paper crafters who enjoy tedious challenges like origami, you’ll love #2 on our uses of washi tape list! Use washi tape to make hearts, stars, bows, or flowers that’ll add an impressive wow-factor to your next scrapbook.

Or, if you’re not much for folding paper, you can instead use paper punchers to create awesome washi tape embellishments. For example, check out this fantastic 56-piece paper punch set: scrapbook punches

Or, this beautiful rose paper puncher that can make gorgeous floral embellishments using any color or patterned washi tape! Scrapbook Punch
3) Use it as a focal point

Like we talked about in this blog post, whenever you layout a scrapbook page, you must pick a focal point.  This is usually the best photo or most important item on the page to you.  And, one of our favorite uses of washi tape is using it to draw even more attention to that area.  Check out the video above from the Art of Creating for some inspiration.

Create lines out of the washi tape that pulls focus toward the area on the page you want to highlight.  Or, create gridlines on your page with washi tape as an exciting and appealing way to place/space photos geometrically.  As always, with crafting, the only limit is your own imagination!

4) Create a page border
Often in scrapbooks, a page doesn’t look finished until its edges have been outfitted with a border. However, we know that buying separate border embellishments can be costly and annoying to work with overtime. But, luckily, you can kiss those days goodbye with this amazing washi tape hack!

Simply line the edges of your page for a finishing touch that’s as elegant or wacky as your washi tape! PS If the idea of ‘elegant washi tape’ really speaks to you, then check out this collection of lace rolls: Uses of washi tape

Or, if you’ve decided that with scrapbooking, ‘the wackier, the better,’ then this washi tape might be for you: Uses of washi tape
5) Use it as a picture frame

washi tape picture frame

Are you tired of purchasing picture frame embellishments over and over again? Or never seem to find any that accurately fit your self-trimmed photos?

Worry no more! Washi tape is the perfect solution for framing any size or shape photo because it can be cut to size. More than that, it has so many customizable and forgiving options!

For example, use four strips diagonally across each corner of the photo for a vintage look. Or, cut the washi tape with ornate edging scissors for a more upscale photo frame feel. Or, you can even use a different washi tape pattern or color on every edge of the photo!

Talk about the personalized and creative feel! But, the best part is definitely how forgiving washi tape is. Not happy with the first photo frame you made? Peel it off and try again!

Need to move a photo over? Don’t worry about damaging your photos or pages, because washi tape is a reliable yet gentle adhesive. Aka: If you haven’t figured it out already, it is a MUST in your scrapbooking toolbox!

6) Make patterns or add themes

Scrapbookers and paper crafters are usually overwhelmed by the number of supplies they have at any given moment. Especially crafting paper! It seems like you always need paper in every color, texture, pattern, and thickness on hand at all times.

But, with washi tape, those days of stockpiling paper are over! You can dress up or theme any piece of paper with washi tape. Throwing together a spur of the moment holiday book, but don’t have any holiday-themed paper? Don’t sweat it, this holiday pack of washi tape has got you covered! Uses of washi tapeFeel like all your paper is dull and missing some class and pizazz? Then these gold and black metallic foil washi tape rolls are what you’ve been missing! Uses of washi tape The moral of the story? Washi tape can make creating the paper of your dreams simple and easy! Plus, these tiny rolls are way easier to store than a pile of paper that has to be sorted and categorized, making it the ideal tool for hobbyists with limited crafting space!

7) Cover up seams (…and other oopsie’s!)

Let’s face it, even the best crafters and scrapbookers aren’t perfect! Sometimes you’ve cut a photo matte too small, and now your once flawless-looking book is less than ideal. Or that experimental page layout you tried isn’t precisely looking as clean-cut as you thought it would.

Whatever the case, you should know that one of the most amazing uses of washi tape is disaster prevention! If you cut a photo crooked or left an awkward space between embellishments, no worries. Just throw on some washi tape, and your scrapbook is back to professional quality. If you couldn’t already tell, washi tape really can do it all!

8) Make your book interactive

Popup Card

Let’s face it, kids aren’t the only ones who like to have an interactive book experience. Adults love a little bit of creativity in their scrapbooks too!  Whether that’s a secret message, hidden photo, or surprise question, your scrapbook recipient will be delighted that their book has an interactive element!

But what does washi tape got to do with all of this?  Good question; let us break it down for you! 

Step 1) Take your focal point photo and place it in the center of the page.    

Step 2) Take one strip of washi tape, and place it along the top of the photo. 

Step 3)  Write something fun next to it like “Take a peek!” or “Peek-a-Boo!” 

Step 4) Finally, underneath, put whatever your heart desires!  Such as an embarrassing photo, a secret message, or an announcement question like “Will you marry me?!” or “Are you ready to be grandparents?” 

And, with only one piece of washi tape on top of the photo, it should be able to be flipped up with ease, without jeopardizing the photo’s safety. …Can you say picture perfect?!


We hope you are inspired by all the uses of washi tape for your next projects!  We had lots of fun, brainstorming ideas to put this post together for you.  And so, we want to know: Is there any washi tape trick you can’t wait to try?   Did we leave out one of your favorite washi tape hacks?  If so, let us know in the comments below!

But either way, the moral of the story is, washi tape is a must in every crafter’s toolbox.  Especially for those crafters who don’t have very much room to store their supplies.  After all…washi tape is an adhesive and an embellishment all in one!  As long as you’ve got washi tape, some photos, paper, and a pair of scissors, anything is possible!

So go ahead!  Use this week to unleash your crafting creativity and enjoy yourself.  There’s nothing we love more than sharing tricks of the trade to make your crafting hobby more relaxed and more enjoyable… Because you deserve it!

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Crafting Out!


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