Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need

Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need

The Only Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need!

Lately, we’ve been finding that there are TONS of articles out there about all things scrapbooking technique.  From layout ideas to themes, to types of decorative products…but what about the scrapbook photo albums themselves?

You see, the actual scrapbook photo album you choose is the first impression your book will make—the size of it, the color, the material of the cover, etc.  And of course, all of these choices contribute to the overall look and feel of your finished scrapbook.  So, we recommend you make an informed decision!

Although, of course, in a creative endeavor like scrapbooking, there’s no right or wrong answer.  We know that whatever scrapbook photo album you choose will look great!  Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to know all the scrapbook photo album options out there.  That way, you can make an informed decision about the type of album that will hold all your cherished memories!

Scrapbook Photo Album Style Options

As you probably already know, no two scrapbook photo albums are the same. Each and every product out there has their unique style to fit all your crafting needs!

Below we’ll talk about the three different stylistic components that usually vary from album to album: Size, Cover Material, and Color, and Binding.

Album Size

Just like any other book out there, scrapbook photo albums vary in size. From small handheld albums to large statement spreads, here we’ll go over the standard scrapbook sizes you might find.

a) 5 x 7
small scrapbook album

A 5 x 7 scrapbook photo album is a cute memory book size for almost any occasion! Since it’s easy to hold and store, this might be the perfect size for a baby or child-themed scrapbook! Just remember, if you’re hoping to add lots of embellishments, also see our guide for 20 Embellishments to Inspire you,  or if your photos are standard 4 x 6. You might feel limited by this small size. Overall, a 5 x 7 album works best if the majority of your photos are wallet-sized or can be trimmed.

b) 8 x 8
spiral scrapbook photo album

Larger than the previous size, and square, 8 x 8 scrapbook photo albums are perfect for petite, elegant books. This is because square-shaped books tend to have a more upscale feel than rectangular ones. That means an 8 x 8 might be an excellent choice for an ambitious, beginner scrapbooker! The small size will be manageable to design, while the square shape is appropriate for more meaningful occasions. Like a baby’s first year, landmark anniversary, or bridal or baby shower.  Also, checkout our post about “What is Scrapbooking in today’s World”.

c) 8.5 x 11
large Scrapbook photo album

An 8.5 x 11 scrapbook photo album is also a great size choice for scrapbooking beginners. That’s because it’s the size of something you’re already familiar with: a standard piece of paper! More than that, it’s easier to design and layout these reasonably sized pages. Frequently beginner scrapbookers feel nervous about filling up pages. But, fear no more! The 8.5 x 11 is a perfect size for you! Because it takes away that stress, while also still offering plenty of room for creativity!

d) 11 x 14
scrapbook photo album

Just like the previous size discussed, an 11 x 14 scrapbook photo album also makes for a rectangular book. It is the preferred size of many intermediate scrapbookers mostly because it allows more room than the traditional 8.5 x 11, but not overwhelmingly so.

e) 12 x 12
scrapbook photo album kit

A 12 x 12 scrapbook photo album is an excellent choice for the more experienced scrapbooker. Or someone who feels confident about filling up large pages. A 12 x 12 album is also an excellent option for more elegant occasions like weddings. With all that space, photos and embellishments can be spread out for a more tasteful touch. Additionally, the symmetrical square size also makes the 12 x 12 scrapbook feel more upscale!

f) 12 x 15

The most massive scrapbook photo album you’re likely to find is a 12 x 15. Unlike the size above, the 12 x 15 scrapbook is rectangular. That, plus its large page size, make it perfect for scrapbook themes that are fun with LOTS of photos! Think family vacations, a child growing up through the years, or even a light-hearted book celebrating someone’s birthday or retirement!

Cover Material

Another huge stylistic decision to make is the type of cover material you’d like your book to have.  From elegant leather to the more durable fabric-covered cardboard, every kind of scrapbook photo album material has its place.  Check below for some of the most common.

  1. Leather

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, leather is always an excellent scrapbook photo album choice!  It’s classic and soft-to-the-touch, so you know it’ll never go out of style.  Plus, neutral leather color options like black and brown go with every occasion!

2. Fabric

Another popular scrapbook photo album material choice is fabric.  Often linen or something similar will be glued onto cardboard for a durable yet aesthetically-pleasing look and feel.  Fabric covered books can range anywhere from cute to classy, which is part of the fun!  Your photos and theme will be responsible for dressing up or down a fabric-covered scrapbook photo album.  The only limit is your imagination!

3. Kraft Paper

Our favorite is the high quality smooth soft touch of Kraft Paper.  You can get these blank where you can create your own covers as well as high quality designs!  These are also usually less expensive and great for your budget.

Binding Type

The final stylistic option you’ll often find in scrapbook photo albums is binding types.  Just like the cover material, the type of binding is another way to dress your scrapbook up or down.  Binding types are also crucial as they may or may not commit you to a certain number of scrapbook pages.  Find out more below!

  1. Post Binding

Post bound scrapbook photo albums are rather popular because they are durable while also being customizable.  In this style book, screws hold the clear page protectors and cover together.  Pages can quickly be reorganized by slipping them in and out of page protectors.  However, if you would like to add more pages, you’ll need to remove the screws.  This is a rather straightforward process that can be done with tools already in your home.  Although, do keep reading for other types of bindings that are more forgiving for scrapbookers who prefer adding pages effortlessly.

2. 3 Ring Binders (D and O Rings)

Similar to their use in schools and offices, three-ring binders are also popular for scrapbook photo albums.  Although the rings often give the book a more casual feel, they are also very convenient.  Adding, moving, or scrapping pages is a breeze with this type of binding, which is especially great for ongoing albums such as family traditions, holidays, or accomplishments throughout the years.

Additionally, you’ll frequently be able to choose between D and O ring binders.  The letters are used to describe these ring types as each ring looks exactly like its accompanying letter.  A D-ring has a straight spike on the left for holding papers, and a rounded one on the right. In comparison, an O-ring opens and closes like a circle.   Aside from their aesthetic difference in shape, D-rings can also hold more papers.  Keep this in mind if you’ve got lots of memories to store!

3. Spiral

Spiral binding is probably one you’ve been before in notebooks, publications, etc.  Sturdy metal coils bind your book together and will definitely last the test of time.  Additionally, this binding allows for a “lay flat” design.  That means your book can stay open to a particular page or fold in half without damaging the binding.  A massive pro for some scrapbookers!  However, usually, with a spiral coil binding, pages cannot be added.  While some spiral scrapbook photo albums might offer an additional paper, check before you find yourself limited by this binding type!

4. Strap Hinge

Similar to post-bound, a strap hinge binding can be customizable with a little bit of work.  Straps slide into staples in the album’s spine to allow for page protectors to be reorganized, added, or removed.  These books will also stay relatively flat when open, but not as much as spiral binding.

5. Book Bound

A book bound binding is named as such because it’s modeled after a traditional book’s construction.  All pages are sewn and glued in, meaning they cannot be moved around or changed.  While it may look the most professional, not being able to move or add pages might feel

Scrapbook Photo Album Recommendations

Now that you better understand the types of scrapbook photo albums, we’re happy to share some of our favorites!

1) JK Crafts Coral Pink Mandala DIY Scrapbook Album Kit
Mandala Scrapbook AlbumPrice: $27.95

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Style: 12 x 12; Expandable Post-Binding

Why We Love It: Aside from its high quality build and bright color scheme, this is a scrapbook kit! What does that mean? It includes patterned paper, themed stickers, washi tape, and stencils. Making it the perfect starter kit for any beginner scrapbooker!

What We Recommend it For: Due to its bright colors and ability to expand, this is a great scrapbook to document almost anything! Especially exciting travels, a friendship over the years, a birthday, bridal shower, anniversary, etc. Overall, any theme that is bright, fun, and exciting will work well with this scrapbook photo album!

2) ZOVIEW Magnetic Self-Stick Page Photo Album

Leather scrapbook albumPrice: $28.99 – $36.99 (Price varies by color.)

Rating: 4.7 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Style: 12.8 x 10.8; Expandable Post-Binding; Leather Cover

Why We Love It: This massive leather scrapbook photo album has a very regal feel. Not only can you choose between black, red-brown, or red wine leather, but you will also love the heartwarming quote on the cover: “May true happiness envelop you and make this beautiful day, one you will remember in a warm and unique way.” Additionally, the pages are so easy to seal and protect. Simply stick your photos and embellishments to the self-adhesive sheets, press down the clear page protector, and voila! Your book looks professional, and photos stay safe for years to come!

What We Recommend it For: Due to its larger size and sturdy leather cover, this is an excellent book for documenting family history or traditions. And it will last being passed down from generation to generation.

3) ADVcer Photo Album

3 ring scrapbook albumPrice: $33.68

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Style: 10 x 10; 3 O-Ring Binder; Leather Cover

Why We Love It: The leather cover and gold accents of this scrapbook photo album give it a sincere, rustic feel. Additionally, pages can easily be reorganized, added, or subtracted thanks to the elegant gold ring binding.

What We Recommend it For: With its heart-engraving on the cover, this is a great scrapbook photo album for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day!

4) DIY Scrapbook Photo Album
<ahref=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JLX59G6/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&linkCode=li3&tag=jkcraftsco-20&linkId=bfdb8b806801d397d086d633f71d478d” target=”_blank”>Kraft paper scrapbook album

Price: $20.95 or $23.95 (Price varies by size.)

Rating: 4.7 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Style: 10 x 10 or 12 x 12 Options; Spiral Binding; Woven Fabric Cover

Why We Love It: Most all the reviews mention that this scrapbook photo album is made from high-quality materials. Plus, they love the sturdy 80 pages that are provided. We love the silk ribbon closure that adds a beautiful, elegant touch! And you can choose between white or black.

What We Recommend it For: This book certainly definitely has an upscale feel. Therefore, we recommend it for documenting anniversaries, celebrations of life, holidays, and/or newborns. Plus, it comes with a giftable box! That means it’s the perfect scrapbook photo album to buy, craft, and give to someone else!

5) Vienrose Photo Album

linen scrapbook albumPrice: $19.99 – $59.99 (Price varies by size.)

Rating: 4.6 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Style: 11 x 10.8, 13 x 12.8, or 13 x 12.8 Options; Binding; Linen Cover

Why We Love It: We love how many color and size options this book comes in. So no matter what, you can be sure this scrapbook photo album fits your overall theme and feel! We also love that it comes with a metallic pen, photo pocket, and self-adhesive pages for easy designing and protection.

What We Recommend it For: This is a great, affordable book for those cherished everyday memories. From family to travel, to birthdays, this linen-covered scrapbook photo album can handle any occasion!

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our insider information and recommendations on scrapbook photo albums! Many scrapbookers focus so much on the book’s interior, and they forget how much of an impact the album’s exterior has. So, we hope this post gave you some inspiration for your next big scrapbooking idea!

If you’ve tried any of the scrapbook photo albums above, or have any other scrapbook photo album recommendations, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below! Because there’s nothing, we love more than sharing with and expanding our crafting community!  Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out our Pinterest Boards for some great ideas!

Crafting Out!


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