Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night!

Craft Party Ideas for your Next Craft Night!

What could be more fun and stress relieving than having a crafting party?  Inviting some of your loved ones over to join you, of course!  We are going to talk about some fun craft party ideas that you can start planning for your next craft night right now! 

From scrapbooking to T-Shirts to blankets, these ideas are perfect for all levels of crafters.  It’s the ideal way to share your favorite hobby with some of your favorite people.  And of course, it’s a great way to share skills, trade crafting materials, or even create crafts for a cause.  Keep reading below for craft party ideas and planning essentials!

Five Craft Party Ideas You Can Plan Right Now!

Maybe a craft night with your friends and family sounds fun, but you’re not sure where to start planning.  If that’s the case, don’t fret.  We’ve got five exciting craft party ideas for you right here!

  1. Scrapbooking Craft Night

Whether you’ve got friends that are experienced scrapbookers or are learning the trade, this could be the perfect craft party idea for you!  First, pick a theme.  This can be anything from special times with friends, school photos to travel memories.   Then, ask your guests to bring embellishments and papers that align with the theme.  Finally, have a veteran scrapbooker lead the session, teach and guide the party guests on scrapbooking technique.

Or, you can always keep it more casual, if that’s how your guests prefer it.  Tell all your attendees to bring their favorite photos and scrapbooking materials to craft together.  Add some music, food, and drinks, and you’ve created the perfect Friday night for any craft lover!

But, if you’re worried that you’re new to scrapbooking, or one of your guests is, don’t fret!  You can buy a beginner’s scrapbooking kit here, in a gorgeous butterfly or mandala design, for a great price:

  1. Cardmaking Craft Night

Just like a scrapbooking craft night, a cardmaking craft night can range from casual to formal.  Have everyone bring their materials and make cards at their own pace.

Or, encourage a card swap!  Everyone can create five cards, and at the end of the night, everyone can exchange them.  Guests can leave with a complete set of cards or mix and match for their favorites.

Because everyone has their own cardmaking style, this craft party idea can be a great way to inspire creativity or expose everyone to new techniques and design ideas.

New to making cards?  Check out this DIY cardmaking starter kit:

  1. Funny T-Shirt Craft Party 

Everyone needs a good laugh, and a funny T-Shirt party might be perfect for you.  Ask everyone to come prepared with funny quotes or graphics, and get to work!  The beauty of a funny T-shirt party is not just laughter, and it’s a great practical way to pool materials too.

One crafter can bring the Cricut, another the Easy Press, another the vinyl sheets, and another the T-shirts.  That way, all the resources are shared evenly.  And those who might not have a Cricut or Easy Press, have the chance to try them out.

(P.S. Don’t have a Cricut or Easy Press machine and not sure where to get them?  Check out these links here:

Easy Press Machine – to transfer your vinyl designs onto T-shirts:
Pack of 6 Cotton T-Shirts – to design and personalize:

  1. Bag Making Craft Night

If there’s one thing everyone can use more of…it’s bags!  Whether they’re bags for the grocery store, beach trips, or the gym, there’s always a reason to have another bag.  So, why not make a craft night themed around them?

Just like the T-Shirt party, ask everyone to contribute material or tool.  Someone can bring the Cricut, someone else the Easy Press, someone else the vinyl sheets, and someone else the bags.

Create matching bags for your next girl’s trip or make ones out of necessity for your kids or grocery shopping.  Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it will be a blast!

Need a blank canvas to start?  Check out this four-pack of grocery totes here:
Or 12 pack of makeup/pencil pouches here:

  1. Create for the Community Craft Night

There are so many great causes to craft for these days.  Whether it’s a fundraiser for the PTA, a local family in need, or a senior citizen center.  So why not make community-themed merchandise and sell them to raise money for a great cause!

Or, better yet, make personalized or monogrammed blankets, towels, or shirts to give as a gift to those in need.  Having a craft night for your community is not only fun, but it also feels great to craft for a cause!

You can start by purchasing these blankets:
Or this pack of towels to use as your crafting canvas:

What do you need to make your Craft Night a Success?

So now that you’ve picked your favorite craft party idea, what else do you need to do?  Plan the rest of the party, of course!  Every party has more than just a theme, and so should your craft night party.  Keep reading below to find out exactly what you need to make your craft party a success.

  1. Supplies

Of course, there is no crafting without crafting supplies.  Depending on what you’re willing to budget for your craft night party, you can provide all the supplies.

Alternatively, ask your attendees to bring their supplies.  If you’d like, ask your party-goers to bring extra materials they’re not using to swap with other crafters. 

Or, if you plan on making bigger items like T-shirts or blankets, ask everyone to provide their own personal supplies.  For some ideas and suggestions on things to have on hand, check out the “Top 15 Paper Craft Tools Needed in your Craft Toolbox”. 

Finally, you can even ask your guests to divide supplies and conquer.  One person can bring the Cricut.  Another the Easy Press, etc. 

Or, do all the supply shopping yourself and ask your attendees to pitch in their fair share.  There’s no right or wrong way to get your party’s crafting supplies.  So long as it fits you and your crafting buddies’ style, it’s the right way to go!

  1. Decorations

Craft Party Ideas

What’s a great party without some decorations?  And of course, as a crafter yourself, you can make some decorations. 

Get creative and make some paper flowers for centerpieces or to put on the wall.  Get your Cricut and make a banner displaying a quote like “Crafting is my happy place.”  Or “Eat. Sleep. Craft. Repeat.” 

If not on a banner, then print them out and put them in the picture frames.  Grab some balloons or streamers for finishing touches, and your craft night’s mood has officially been set!

  1. Food and Drinks

Craft Night Food and Drink Ideas

A bottle of red, a bottle of white…what more does a craft party need?  Ask every attendee to bring their favorite bottle of wine and sip while you craft. 

Or set up a DIY martini or sangria bar so your fellow crafters can get creative with their beverages.  For food, feel free to keep it light and friendly.  Prepare some appetizers and allow guests to graze as they please.  (After all, finger foods make it easier to craft and eat at the same time!)

You can also feel free to ask each guest to bring their own tray of food accompanied by the recipe.  That way, your craft night can include a recipe swap too!  (Plus, it’s a great way to get out of preparing lots of food as the craft party host.)

  1. Games and Activities

Craft Night Party Games

There’s nothing guests love more than a little friendly competition!  And with a craft night, the activity possibilities are endless.

Do a raffle and give the winner a gift card to a local craft store or a crafting basket.  Or, make your own “crafting bingo” cards.  Create a card filled with different crafting supplies.  Call them at random and find a winner! 

Or, as guests arrive, pin a card to their back.  Each card should have written on it a different crafting supply.  Guests should try and hint to one another what word is on their back without saying the actual crafting supply.  This is a great way to break the ice and get a few laughs in too.

  1. Craft Swap

Craft Swap

Set up a little “craft swap” table.  Encourage guests to leave an item and take another thing.  It is a fun activity for guests can do at their own will while also upcycling their crafting inventory.  Because what’s better than getting new crafting materials free of charge?  Probably nothing!

  1. Party Favors

Party favors for craft night

And finally, what is a party without favors?  As a crafter, you’ve probably done DIY favors before, but for craft night, you can get even more creative!  Give mini-craft supply inventories to your guests.  Make little bundles with new crafting papers and embellishments and a tag thanking them for coming.

Or personalize T-Shirts or bags with a fun phrase like “#CraftCrew” or “I craft so hard I sweat glitter.”  These favors will be very much appreciated by your party guests and are sure to get good use!

Final Thoughts

So what are you going to do with all of these craft party ideas for your next craft night?  Crafting is a great way to relax after a long day.  So why not extend the invitation to your loved ones and share the experience with them? 

Whether the goal is to have some fun or craft for a cause, we’re sure your next craft party will be a big hit! 

Have you hosted or attended a craft night party recently?  What went well?  Got any ideas you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear about it all in the comments below!  Also, make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for inspiration!

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