The 10 best washi tape ideas for card making

Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making

10 Best Washi Tape Ideas for Card Making If you’re a paper card maker, then today’s blog post is all for you because we’re going to break down our 10 favorite washi tape ideas for card makers!  And, the best part about this list is how diverse it is!  From seasonal ideas to birthday embellishments, to more generic decorations, we’re positive there’s an idea on this list you’ll love!  Also, check out our blog about the 8 Uses of Washi Tape. PS… Sort of new to the card making game?  Don’t worry; it shares a lot of the same tools … Read More

How to Make Easy Handmade Cards

How to Make Easy Handmade Cards Have you ever been given a beautiful card that you were in awe of?  Or seen a beautiful card at the store and you wanted to recreate?  Do you want to make something from the heart that you cannot get at the local drug store?  So, how can I make a handmade card for someone special?  Handmade cards are one of our favorite craft projects because they are more than just a form of creative expression. They serve a practical purpose too! Gone are the days scrambling for expensive cards to acknowledge a loved … Read More

Valentines Day Paper Crafting Inspiration

Valentine’s Day Paper Crafting Inspiration and Ideas Roundup Are you guys like me and always searching for some last-minute inspiration for an event or party that you have been invited to? Or are you just need some ideas of projects that you can do quickly and easily and will not take hours upon hours? Well, I have done the research for you! Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed paper crafting projects. 1. Valentine Heart Cone Tree This is a great Valentine’s Day themed paper crafting project because it is very few materials really needed, but you can … Read More