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Best glue guns for crafting

The Best Glue Guns for Crafting Whether you’re a crafter or not, odds are you have a glue gun lying around the house…somewhere.  But, the real question is, is it the best glue gun for crafting and your needs? Just like any other tool in your crafting toolbox, a glue gun should adequately align with your crafting endeavors.  And if you haven’t invested in a new one lately, yours might be outdated or not right for your projects. If that sounds like the case, fear no more!  JK Crafts Co is here to tell you all about glue guns.  From … Read More

Uses of Washi Tape

8 Uses of Washi Tape JK Crafters, are you sick of going through adhesives at lightning speed?  Does it seem like once you’ve restocked your adhesive of choice, you need to go out and buy more?  If that sounds like you, we get it. And besides, we all already know that adhesives can be costly and frustrating to work with on projects. So, wouldn’t it be nice if your scrapbooking adhesive was inexpensive, easy-to-use, and added an ornate touch too?  Well, JK Crafter, we’re here today to give you some great news!  That exact item does exist— and it’s called … Read More

Best Printers for crafters

Best Printers for Crafters scrapbooking and paper crafts

Best Printers for Crafters who Love Scrapbooking and other Paper Crafts We have recently been in the market for a printer as I have been having some issues with my older model Canon and I have had it for about seven years, so my husband and I thought we should start looking into new models.  Its been a while since we looked, and technology is continually changing.  We want a printer for our day to day needs and my business needs, but what other requirements do I have? It got me thinking about, “What are the best printers for crafters?” … Read More

Different Types of Pens for Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts

different types of pens scrapbooking paper crafts

Different Types of Pens for Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Are you overwhelmed with all the different types of pens that are out there for crafting?  Do you have too many choices overload?  Our goal is to help you make your passion for crafting easier and do the research for you so you can get back to indulging in your crafting hobby.  Crafting isn’t just fun, it’s a stress reliever too and we hope you are taking advantage of it! With that being said, we want to delve into a favorite topic among paper crafters: pens! Pens not only allow you … Read More

Laminate Paper DIY Projects

Laminate Paper DIY Projects Are you unorganized in a particular element of your life?  Does your pantry look like it’s the explosion of the grocery store?  What does your craft stash look like?  How is the New Years’ resolution of organization and planning going for you?  What if I told you that we could help you get organized just by using a laminator and creating some of our favorite laminate paper DIY projects.  Yep, nothing super fancy here, just lamination. Fellow crafters, we are always looking to become more efficient in everything we do.  Figuring out ways to make our … Read More

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter needs

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs What’s the difference between relaxing crafting and stress orientated crafting? The difference is in preparation!  We have learned that just having the right tools on hand and knowing why you need those tools to make creating and artistry in your hobby less burdensome.  Remember we love doing crafting projects because it is supposed to be stress-free and makes us happy.  It gets all those happy endorphins going inside!  As a result of having these types of crafting paper on hand, you can get straight to your projects rather than driving frantically … Read More

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters There are some things in my toolbox that are must-haves and that I really want to have a good quality product. One of those items is my paper cutters. How is your paper cutter? Do you have the best paper cutter for your craft project? What are the most important features when purchasing a paper cutter or paper trimmer? For the most part, many of us will be doing small projects. But for some of our teachers or creative entrepreneurs they might need more cutting power. You can be inundated with so many options of … Read More

3D Printer for crafters things you can create

3D Printers for Crafters: Things to Create Have you ever wanted to create your own template or craft product because you could not find what you were looking for in stores or online?  But, you have envisioned this great idea in your head?  This is one of the things that inspired the creations of JK Crafts. We could not find the Scrapbooking Album designs and kits that we wanted so we embarked on creating a couple of great designs that were inspired by things we would like in our scrapbook album kits. (Live Life Like a Butterfly and Mandala Scrapbook … Read More