About JK Crafts

Our Mission

Hi my name is Iva and I want to help you cultivate your craft. I decided I wanted to try delve into entrepreneurship as an outlet for me to pursue one of my many passions by helping me to continue to find purpose and try something new. I have always loved all different types of crafting and so I made it my mission to provide you with high quality products that help you on that path.

I believe that everyone should make time in their life to do what they love. Doing what you love positively impacts your mental health by providing a sense of meaning and purpose. Simply put – it makes you happy. At JK Crafts we believe in setting time aside for the passions and hobbies that make you happy and finding your Craft Therapy!

Our website should serve as a community where people of all skill levels can use our products to explore something new.

My Story

I am the founder of the JK Crafts, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and spent that past 15 years on the east coast. I have two wonderful rescue pups that cannot give me enough of doggie kisses! I believe in hard-work and following your dreams no matter what! I’ve always worked a 9-5 and felt like I had become complacent. I put in long hours for a paycheck but never got that feeling of satisfaction that comes with doing what you love. I wanted to spend my time crafting and designing products for others to enjoy with me but what if I didn’t succeed? I remember someone telling me I’d never know what I could accomplish until I took action toward my goals and those words have stuck with me. Too many of us let the fear of failing stop us from even trying. I realized there was no better moment than the present to get started with my product designs and like that, JK Crafts was born.

JK Crafts is built on the principle that it is important to try new things and take time for yourself and enjoy doing the things that you love. I believe in doing what brings you pleasure and never being afraid to succeed or fail.

Brag about your accomplishment on our blog for a chance to be recognized/featured – have you used a JK Craft product to create something you’re proud of? Share for a chance to be featured on our blog!

Our Promise

As we expand our product lines, we promise to deliver exceptional quality. We want first-rate products for ourselves, and we want the same for you. Customer service is our top priority so please leave feedback about your experience.