Memoroable Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

Memoroable Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

10 MEMORABLE Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays!

Leaves are falling…hot cocoa is calling..that’s right JK Crafters!  We’re getting to the most wonderful time of the year – the Holiday season!  And not only does that mean gift shopping and dessert baking, but it also means lots of crafting!

Scrapbooks can be wonderful gifts for this special time of year.  Because truly, there is no better gift than the gift of memories.  And today we’re going to inspire you to do just that… With ten AWESOME scrapbook layouts for Holidays and scrapbook layouts for Christmas!

So you can officially say goodbye to those standard, run-of-the-mill holiday designs you’ve been using… and say hello to scrapbook layouts for holidays that are full of creativity and cheer!

From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Hannukah to Christmas, we’ve got lots of scrapbook layouts for holidays to cover… so let’s get started! 

And remember, as our special JK Craft gift to you, we’ve got more than just inspirational ideas in this post.  We’ve even found some of the embellishments you’ll need to recreate these scrapbook layouts for holidays for yourself.  Because you deserve to get yourself something nice this holiday season too!

Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays!

1) Halloween Layouts

They’re creepy and they’re kooky; mysterious and spooky; they’re altogether ooky; layout’s for Halloween!  Because of course, any holiday that worships candy and creepy critters deserves its own layout.

Just because you might not have done the traditional dress-up and trick-or-treat this year, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to scrapbook about! This sweet layout commemorates a family’s pumpkin carving tradition in a non-traditional way. No scary witches or bats here, just a couple of cute embellishments and a boy having fun!

If you’re inspired to try this scrapbook layout for holiday out, then give these two products a look! The first is an actual pumpkin carving scrapbook layout, just in case you’re looking for something quick, cute, and easy.
scrapbook layouts for holidaysOr, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do some serious scrapbooking… Then check out the cutest pumpkin carving stickers you ever did see!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

If you’re more of a traditional Halloween fan, then this is the scrapbook layout for holidays you’ve been looking for! This page is full of spooky Halloween fun and textures, from Jack-O-Lanterns to witch feet to black cats. We also love how all the embellishments are perfectly positioned to frame the photo… so that the littlest witch is the central focus for this layout.

If you want to recreate it for yourself, then embellishments really are the name of the game! To assist you in doing just that, we found the perfect Halloween die cut set. AKA: The perfect addition to any die cut machine enthusiast’s tool box!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

Or, if you don’t have a die cut machine, and don’t want to invest in one anytime soon, no worries! We’ve got you covered too. All you need is this pre-cut Halloween embellishment pack to give your page the creepy crawly feel you’re looking for.
scrapbook layouts for holidays

2) Thanksgiving Layouts

We all already know that Halloween is just the tip of the holiday iceberg!  Soon after that you’ll find yourself giving thanks next to your closest friends and family at the Thanksgiving table. 

And if those memories aren’t precious enough to scrapbook, then we don’t know what is!  Check out these two scrapbook layouts for Thanksgiving, so all those family feast pictures don’t go to waste.

In a great scrapbook layout for holidays you can tell what holiday it is without even looking at the photos… and that’s the case here. The rich orange and red color scheme; the adorable pumpkin and critter embellishments – this layout has it all.

And the good news is, we found the EXACT products you need to recreate it yourself!  For those too cute to pass up chipboard stickers full of thankful sayings such as these: scrapbook layouts for holidaysAnd for the most adorable forest critter stickers you ever did see, you need this fall scrapbooking kit.
scrapbook layouts for holidaysBecause who can say no to that squirrel and hedgehog?!

If you’re the type of scrapbooker who agrees that “less is more” than this Thanksgiving layout was made for you! With some simple layering and matting, you can make your Thanksgiving memories pop off the page with style and class. And, most importantly, we found our most favorite product used in this layout available for purchase!

Did you notice how the tags behind the picture are embossed with fall leaves? Gorgeous, isn’t it? Well now you can achieve the same effect with this stunning, pre-embossed paper collection!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

And, whether or not you’re hoping to achieve the same tag effect, you’re going to want this next product too. It’s a state-of-the-art paper puncher that can cut out three different sized tags. So purchasing store bought tags for all your cardmaking, gifting, and scrapbooking endeavors are a thing of the past!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

3) Christmas Tree Inspired Layouts

Once all the leaves have fallen and the snow begins to fall; you know what that means.  The most wonderful time of the year!  And to honor just that, we have some magical scrapbook layouts for Christmas coming up for you.  And they just so happen to be inspired by your favorite seasonal tree!

This first scrapbook layout for Christmas is one of our favorites because there are so many possibilities! You can create a tree out of any combination of your favorite seasonal papers. Or, you might even decide that all the circle “ornaments” should be pictures… A great, cheerful way to tastefully fit 10 pictures in one layout!

To make your own memory tree, you’ll definitely need this 3” circle paper puncher. So you can cut out perfect circles in no time!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

And, just in case you’re not sure if you have any seasonally appropriate papers on hand, we’ve got you covered. This holiday Carta Bella Paper Company pack is just what you need to dress up your scrapbook layout for Christmas.
scrapbook layouts for holidays

If you like your scrapbook layout for Christmas to have more of a handwritten, homemade layout, consider this idea! A mixture of pictures, holly branches, and Christmas tidings create the tree itself. And then of course some seasonal washi tape and the year make up the tree trunk.

So, just in case your calligraphy isn’t on point yet, we found these Christmas cheer stamps. So you can get all the charm of handwriting, without any of the stress!

scrapbook layouts for holidays

And, to make that beautiful, textured, greenery effect, we found these mini holly branches for you too.
scrapbook layouts for holidays

4) Hanukkah Layouts

Of course, when we talk about scrapbook layouts for holidays, we can’t forget the Festival of Lights!  Eight days and eight nights of miracle and celebration surely brings lots of memories.  So let us inspire you to give those beautiful memories the layouts they deserve!

This page design does a great job capturing the color scheme of the holiday itself: blue and gold. This along with the added jewels on the bottom just make the energy of the holiday jump off the page! And of course, the handwritten caption along the right-hand side just makes it all the more special.

If you want your own Hanukkah layout to be full of bright colors and excitement… then you need this blue, white, and gold Hanukkah paper pack!
Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

And you can’t go wrong with this 3D Hanukkah embellishment set either – because every layout could use some more stickers!
Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

If in your house Hannakuh equals Funnakuh, then this should be your go-to scrapbook layout for holidays! Eight candles, six pictures, and LOTS of embellishments make this layout one that’s hard to forget. And while this layout is digital, we still found some great embellishments so you can recreate it yourself, for real!

This Hanakkuh stamp set has every holiday staple you could hope for!
Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

And this Hanakkuh sticker set will help you add the pops of colors and excitement you’ve been looking for.

5) Snowflake Themed-Layouts

And finally, we’re excited to wrap up this post with layouts that are not necessarily for any holiday at all!  Because sometimes you just need a layout that gives you that winter wonderland feels.  So if snowflakes are your thing, you’ll love these next two layouts… snow matter what!

Inspired by the shape of a Christmas tree, this layout has everything you can hope for during the holiday season. Smiles, holiday cheer, and of course snowflakes! We love the way the snowflakes frame the page here as well, and add a pop of texture!

In order to get the same snowy feel in your layout, check out this snowflake paper punch… So you can make snowflakes out of any paper you’ve got lying around!
scrapbook layouts for holidays

Or, if you prefer pre-cut adhesives, then try these snowflake stickers on for size.
scrapbook layouts for holidays

We’re happy to end off this scrapbook layout for holidays inspiration post today with a vintage winter page. The muted reds and greens remind us of classy Christmases past. And the fun paper patterns add a pop of personality!

In order to make this layout for yourself, you’ll need the right tools to add those gorgeous snowy glaze details. More specifically, these Nuvo Crystal drops and this Nuvo Crystal Glaze.
Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

More Inspiration…

Well, that about ‘wraps’ things up for our scrapbook layouts for holidays and scrapbook layouts for Christmas!  We hope you found at least a few ideas to inspire a much-needed holiday crafting session.  Because remember, when times get tough, there’s nothing better than setting aside a little “you” crafting time!

And, just in case you do plan on making a scrapbook for a holiday gift… you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect from cover to cover.  So check out some of our favorite scrapbook albums to be sure you’re binding your memories together with the best!

And finally, before you go, make sure you stay up to date with what JK Crafts Co has to offer on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Boards.  Because the more crafts-piration, the merrier!  Until next time…

Happy Crafting!


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