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Memoroable Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays

10 MEMORABLE Scrapbook Layouts for Holidays! Leaves are falling…hot cocoa is calling..that’s right JK Crafters!  We’re getting to the most wonderful time of the year – the Holiday season!  And not only does that mean gift shopping and dessert baking, but it also means lots of crafting! Scrapbooks can be wonderful gifts for this special time of year.  Because truly, there is no better gift than the gift of memories.  And today we’re going to inspire you to do just that… With ten AWESOME scrapbook layouts for Holidays and scrapbook layouts for Christmas! So you can officially say goodbye to … Read More

5 Creative Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

5 Creative Scrapbook for Couple Ideas! Sometimes, one of the most stressful parts of being in a relationship is the gift-giving, am I right?  Whether your significant other already has everything, or whether you agreed to keep spending money on gifts to a minimum… It can be hard to figure out what to get someone who means so much to you! Luckily though, today we’ve got the perfect solution: Scrapbook for couples!  Because no significant other (S-O) will be able to say no to the gift of memories, laughter, and good times.  In fact, we’ve got 5 unique scrapbook for … Read More

Birthday Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire

5 Birthday Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire! What is the universal holiday that everyone can celebrate?  Yep, it is your Birthday!  And for the paper crafter you will always want to have some birthday scrapbook themes in your back pocket!   Everyone you know, no matter their age, gender, or relationship status has a birthday.  And so, this post can really inspire a scrapbook for anyone!  Whether a birthday has just passed and you’re looking forward to documenting the memories… Or, someone’s birthday is coming up and you want to craft them the PERFECT gift- we’ve got you covered! We’re so … Read More

5 Best Friend Scrapbook Layouts

5 Best Friend Scrapbook Layouts You Must Try! We have a VERY important question… When’s the last time you showed your BFF how much you care about them?  We have some great best friend scrapbook ideas. As we all already know, best friends are one in a million.  Whether that’s a birthday, a friend-erversary, or a “just because,” definitely consider giving your BFF a handmade scrapbook! A best friend scrapbook is a great, creative, heartfelt way to show your appreciation for them.   Plus, there are so many different approaches you can take with it!  Whether that’s a collection of funny … Read More

Memory Book for Baby Girl Themes

5 Memory Book for Baby Girl Themes You Must Try Are you creating a keepsake book for your little girl?  Today we’re excited to dive into our third scrapbook inspiration post.  From weddings to scrapbooks for baby boys… now we’re excited to give you all the inspiration you need to make your own memory book for baby girl! If you’re reading this post, odds are your family is blessed enough to have a little girl on the way… or maybe she’s already arrived!  But whatever the case may be, let us assure you you’ve come to the right place.  As … Read More

Memory Book for Baby Boy

Memory Book for Baby Boy Themes

5 Memory Book for Baby Boy Themes You Must Try Well JK Crafters, believe it or not, we’re already on to our second scrapbook layout inspiration post!  While last week we covered wedding scrapbook layouts, today we’re going to move onto a scrapbook that happens after marriage… Memory book for baby boy! Whether you’re a new mother, aunt, or grandmother, the arrival of a little boy is something to celebrate!  So, why not commemorate the occasion with a keepsake baby book?  A memory book for baby boy is a great gift for Mother’s Day, the baby’s first birthday, and more!  … Read More

Scrapbook for wedding

scrapbook for wedding ideas and inspiration

All the Scrapbook for Wedding Ideas and Inspiration You’ll Ever Need! Do you scour the web for scrapbook layout ideas looking for your next inspiration?  Do you need a scrapbook for wedding ideas to do for your BFF or your own wedding?  Yep, that is me too!  We are here to help you, and as promised, it’s time for us to release the first of our 20 scrapbook idea inspiration posts!  We’ve done the hard work for you and put together posts that are fun, informative, and inspiring all at once.  Because let’s be honest, if there’s any year, you … Read More

Scrapbook Storage Ideas for crafters

The 10 Best Scrapbook Storage Ideas & Products for Crafters How is your scrapbook storage? Do you have all your supplies nicely organized? Can you find the Fall Paper or those special scissors when you are looking for them? If you have been keeping up with all our fun articles from the “Best Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need” to our “20 Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You“, your crafting area is probably full by now! Endless stacks of patterned paper, random photos, and mismatched embellishments…it can feel quite overwhelming. But luckily today, we’re here to fix all of that … Read More

Scrapbook photo albums

Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need

The Only Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need! Lately, we’ve been finding that there are TONS of articles out there about all things scrapbooking technique.  From layout ideas to themes, to types of decorative products…but what about the scrapbook photo albums themselves? You see, the actual scrapbook photo album you choose is the first impression your book will make—the size of it, the color, the material of the cover, etc.  And of course, all of these choices contribute to the overall look and feel of your finished scrapbook.  So, we recommend you make an informed decision! Although, of course, in … Read More