Scrapbook Storage Ideas for crafters

Scrapbook Storage Ideas for crafters

The 10 Best Scrapbook Storage Ideas & Products for Crafters

How is your scrapbook storage? Do you have all your supplies nicely organized? Can you find the Fall Paper or those special scissors when you are looking for them?

If you have been keeping up with all our fun articles from the “Best Scrapbook Photo Album Guide You Need” to our “20 Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You“, your crafting area is probably full by now! Endless stacks of patterned paper, random photos, and mismatched embellishments…it can feel quite overwhelming. But luckily today, we’re here to fix all of that with the 10 Best Storage Products for Crafters.

This post will walk you through some of our favorite products for keeping your craft room organized and easy-to-navigate. The last thing you need while doing your favorite hobby is to feel stressed due to unorganized crafting clutter! So, keep reading for our ten favorite scrapbook storage ideas that are guaranteed to keep your craft room looking Pinterest approved!

P.S. For your convenience, we’ve listed these products from the largest and most costly to the smallest and most inexpensive. That way, you can quickly refer to your most budget-friendly organizational option without breaking the bank!

1) Ameriwood Hobby Desk

Rating: 3.8 Stars

Price: $165.91

Why We Love It: This white wooden hobby desk is every crafter’s dream! A workplace and shelving unit, you’ll never have to worry about where to craft or store your supplies again! Also, we’re sure the white wooden design will match any décor. And the 12 cubbies will undoubtedly provide you with plenty of space for all your crafting supplies and machines with these scrapbook storage cabinets! But, if you’re wondering what to fill up those shelves with, keep reading for our smaller scrapbook storage products below.

2)Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

Rating: 4.4 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Price: $109.88

Why We Love It: It rolls, it’s topped with a table workspace, it has 12 storage drawers! What more could you want?! This Honey-Can-Do Cart is a staple among many crafters as it can easily be transported to wherever you are! This scrapbook storage cart is GREAT if you don’t have a dedicated crafting area in your home or apartment. Why? Because with this scrapbook storage cart, you can store your supplies in a closet, out of the way, when needed.

Then, when you’re ready to craft, simply roll the cart to your kitchen or living room table and BAM! Your organized materials are prepared to go when you are on the go! This scrapbook storage cart is also a great tool to have if you often find yourself crafting on the go with friends, fundraisers, or craft fairs!We also love that the drawers are varying sizes to maximize your storage options.

And, finally, we love that the organization drawers are frosted. That way you can decipher what is in each drawer without opening it, while still maintaining some mystery. Convenient and confidential, all in one!

3)Azar Peg Board Two Pack

Rating: 4.2 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Price: $36.95 (Pegs and accessory kit not included. See additional product link below.)

Why We Love It: A hanging pegboard is every Pinterest crafter’s organizational dream! Hang scissors or rolls of tape directly onto the peg. Or buy cute little buckets or baskets to hang off the pegs for larger items like stamps and ink pads. We also love how this specific pegboard comes in 10 different color options! That way, whether your crafting room is neutral-toned or bright, you can find a pegboard to match it!

For more inspiration on how to “DIY Organize” your new favorite pegboard storage area, check here.

And, don’t forget to purchase the matching pegs and accessories (like baskets) here:

4) Scissor Caddy

Rating: 4.6 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Price: $30.51

Why We Love It: For those paper crafters that are fans of edged scissors, let digging through them be a thing of the past! With this handy scissor caddy/dolly, all your scissors can be displayed vertically, safely, and viewed with ease. Plus, having a flexible organizational system like this for something like scissors is crucial! Because no one wants nicked or pinched fingers from digging through drawers or bins of scissors, right?

5) Scrapbook Paper Organizing Cube

Rating: 4.1 Stars

Price: $30.11

Why We Love It: This metal wire cube has seven storage for scrapbook papers 12×12 so you can organize papers, stickers, and embellishments as you please. The wire rack design also makes it easy to see what’s inside of each shelf, with ease. Additionally, the black color is sure to go with any craft room décor! And of course, probably the best part is, you can buy multiple and stack them on top of one another. Talk about maximizing space!

6)STAPLES File Crate + Amazon Basic Hanging File Folders

Ratings: 4.4 Stars (Crate) and 4.8 Stars (Folders)

Price: $12.80 (Crate) and $11.49 (Folders)
Why We Love It: This is more of a DIY organizational approach, but obviously, as a crafter, that might be something you love! Get a file-sized crate and some hanging folders like the ones above. Then, get some folder labels and organize them as you please! From papers to stickers to photos, to supply scraps, there’re plenty of uses for this type of organizational system.

Plus, a crate like this can sit on your desk, the floor, a windowsill, a cubbyhole, a shelf. The only limit is your own imagination! To see what this scrapbook storage system looks like in action, click here:

7) Mini Tool Kit and Magnetic Mat

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Price: $18.61

Why We Love It: Ok…so this one isn’t strictly crafting supply storage, but hear us out! For under $20, this magnetic mat also comes with some of your favorite crafting tools! Including a ruler, tweezers, brad-setter, art knife, and scissors. And the best part? They all stick directly onto this magnetic measuring mat, so you never have to lose your tools again! Talk about convenience, ingenuity, and smart crafting storage all in one!

8) Magazine Holder Set

Rating: 4 Stars and “Best Seller”

Price: $12.99 or $19.99 (Depending on if you purchase a set of 6 or set of 12.)

Why We Love It: Not only does this product offer you a lot of options- like colors and numbers of organizers in the set, but it is also a great organizational tool for all types of paper crafters! Organize your papers by color, pattern, or theme and be able to view and access them with ease! They’ll look great lined up across the back of your crafting desk, shelving unit, or even on the floor.

Additionally, this product comes with labels, so feel free to categorize your papers as you please! And, to maximize this scrapbook storage option, add in file dividers! For instance, one magazine holder can be labeled “Holiday Papers,” and dividers inside can separate “Christmas,” from “Thanksgiving,” etc. Now your set of 6 or 12 magazine holders can handle 24+ different organizational categories!

9)Clear Desktop Writing Utensil Organizer

Rating: 4.5 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Price: $16.99

Why We Love It: For those scrapbookers and card makers who just have too many pens, markers, and paintbrushes- this item is for you! Nine slanted shelves allow for writing utensil to be displayed and grabbed with ease. In comparison, the bottom three compartments can be used to store other small tools like erasers, stamps, ink pads, and more! We also love how this storage unit is clear, so it matches all décor and allows for maximum visibility!

10)Clear Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Rating: 4.7 Stars and Amazon’s Choice

Price: $9.87

Why We Love It: This is an excellent solution for crafters who don’t have a lot of space to store their tools and supplies. You’ve probably seen this Pinterest-inspired idea before for storing cleaning supplies or kitchen essentials.

Step 1) Get all your supplies together that you want to organize that are shoe size, or smaller.

Step 2) Categorize them by type, color, texture, etc.

Step 3) Insert them into the “shoe” pockets and admire your new organized crafting space!

It’s a great way to store scissors, paintbrushes, washi tapes, stamps, ink pads, markers, pens, and more! And we picked this product specifically not just for its great price and reviews, but also for the clear pockets. These will make seeing and grabbing your supplies all the more effortless!

In conclusion…
We hope you found our list of 10 Best Storage Products for Crafters helpful! We took a lot of time to find a wide variety of high-quality products. That way, everyone in our fellow JK Craft community could find something to their liking. From small tabletop organizers to large hobby desks… We’re sure there’s a storage product above that will work perfectly for all your scrapbook storage, and paper crafting hobby wants and needs!

But before we go, we want to know… Do you have any other scrapbook storage recommendations? Have you tried any of the above products out for yourself? What organizational systems have worked best for you and your crafting supplies? Let us know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and continue to get inspired by some great ideas on our Pinterest Boards.

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