Best glue guns for crafting

Best glue guns for crafting

The Best Glue Guns for Crafting

Best Glue Guns for Crafting

Whether you’re a crafter or not, odds are you have a glue gun lying around the house…somewhere.  But, the real question is, is it the best glue gun for crafting and your needs?

Just like any other tool in your crafting toolbox, a glue gun should adequately align with your crafting endeavors.  And if you haven’t invested in a new one lately, yours might be outdated or not right for your projects.

If that sounds like the case, fear no more!  JK Crafts Co is here to tell you all about glue guns.  From different types to the right one to choose, to a list of the best glue guns for crafting. This isn’t an article you want to miss!

Why You NEED a Glue Gun

Like we said before, a glue gun isn’t even just a crafting essential; it’s a life essential!  Unlike many other adhesives used in crafting, like glue dots or glue sticks, glue guns work on most anything.  Whether it’s wood, plastic, or foam, glue guns really can do it all!

And of course, they come in handy for paper crafters too.  This is because frequently, you need to adhere to two thick pieces of paper together or stick down a heavy embellishment.  And guess what?  Those photo-safe glue dots or glue sticks won’t be able to handle the sheer weight of these items.  But what can?  A glue gun, of course!

So, what are you waiting for?  Kiss the days of having bulky decorations fall off the page goodbye! Because it’s time to talk about picking out the right glue gun for you and your paper crafting style!

How to Select the Proper Glue Gun for your Crafting Needs

Before today, maybe you didn’t know that there are several types of glue guns out there.  And that’s ok because luckily you found this article that’ll explain it all to you.

So, let’s start by talking about the types of glue guns.  That way, you’ll be able to appropriately choose which is the best glue gun for crafting and is right for you!

High (380° F) vs. Low Temperature (about 250° F) Glue Guns

A hot glue gun has to be hot…right?  WRONG!  Just because the glue in a glue gun has to be melted down in order to activate its adhesive properties, doesn’t mean the tool has to be dangerously hot.  In fact, as you already probably know, a piping hot glue gun can present a real danger to some homes/families.  Especially those with lots of kids or pets running around, or lots of precious tabletops that can risk getting burned.

But, perhaps even more importantly, the temperature glue gun you use should be dictated by the materials you craft with.

What types of materials are we referring to exactly?  Well, typically delicate ones require a low-temperature glue gun, while heavier materials require a hot glue gun.

More sensitive materials that might get damaged or melted from hot glue guns include foam, Styrofoam, fabric, or ribbon.

In other words, thin materials that the heat of hot glue could leak through and burn your fingers!  So, if you find yourself using a lot ribbon, burlap, etc. in your paper crafting, then you’ll definitely want to pay attention to our low temperature glue gun option in the best glue guns for crafting section below!  Because no one should melt their crafting materials, or their fingers, with hot glue!

And conversely, if you often work with heavier duty materials like wood, then hot glue guns are a must!  In fact, low temperature glue guns might not even be able to hold such heavy materials together.  Therefore, knowing the materials you often craft with is KEY to selecting the proper glue gun for you!

Automatic vs. Manual Feed Glue Guns

Aside from differing in temperatures, there is another option to consider when purchasing a glue gun.  And that is whether the feed or the part of the gun that takes the glue, is manual or automatic.

To be honest, all of our products below in the best glue guns for crafting list are automatic feeds.  This is because it’s safer, easier to use, and cheaper in the long run.  How come?  Because automatic feed glue guns end up using less glue than manual ones.  Not to mention the convenience of not having to push through glue sticks yourself.  Besides, the more hands you have free while crafting, the better, right?

So, now that you’re clear on the types of glue guns out there let’s go over our favorites!

JK Crafts Top 5 Recommendations: Best Glue Guns for Crafting

So, now that it’s clear what type of glue gun you need let’s talk about which ones are the best. Below we’ve organized our top five favorites, best glue guns for crafting on the market. And don’t worry, we’ve organized them by type. That way, along with the guide above, you can make sure you’re selecting the perfect glue gun for you!

1) Our Favorite High Temperature Gun
• Xunlet Powerful Hot Glue Gun Kit
• Link to Purchase: Best Glue Guns for Crafting
• Rating: 5 Stars
• Price: $20
• Why We Love It! $20 for a 5-star rated glue gun- it doesn’t get much better than that! Here at JK Crafts Co, there’s nothing we love more than high-quality products at a reasonable price… And that’s precisely what this glue gun offers! Not only does it have a built-in-stand and reach full temperature in 4 minutes, but it also has multiple settings.

Are you doing a project with more delicate materials? Go for the 60-watt setting. Need something that packs a more industrial punch? Simply flip the switch and BAM! You’ve got 100 watts of hot glue power! What can be better than that?

2) Our Favorite Low Temperature Gun
• Ad-Tech Low Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun
• Link to Purchase: Best Glue Guns for Crafting
• Rating: 4.7 Stars
• Price: $12
• Why We Love It! This low-temperature glue gun is fast-heating and comes with a pack of glue sticks… So it’s ready to use right out of the box!

Additionally, it has a built-in stand. That means you don’t have to worry about where to rest your glue gun when it’s not in use.

Finally, this glue gun makes our best glue guns for crafting list because it packs a lot of power! Even with its low temperature and small size, reviewers say it’s great for working with foamboard, plastic, balloons, and latex. Stop melting your materials and start gluing safely and confidently with this excellent glue gun!

3) Our Favorite Dual Temperature Glue Gun
• Surebonder Full Size Dual Temperature Glue Gun
• Link to Purchase: Best Glue Guns for Crafting
• Rating: 4 Stars
• Price: $18
• Why We Love It! Now that you know low-temperature glue guns are a thing, do you want one? But, at the same time, do you still need high heat for heavy-duty projects? If that sounds like you, then this is hands down the glue gun for you!

With just a flip of a switch, you can change this glue gun from 380 degrees F to 250 degrees F. That way, your materials, and hands always stay safe! Plus, this glue gun comes with a removable stand. Put the stand on when you need to be hands-free, or remove it while you’re working. For so many reasons, this glue gun is the best of both worlds!

4) Our Favorite Mini-Glue Gun
• Xunlet Mini Hot Glue Gun
• Link to Purchase: Best Glue Guns for CraftingRating: 5 Stars
• Price: $11
• Why We Love It! There are so many reasons to love this mini glue gun, aside from its perfect 5-star rating! A built-in stand and overheating protection ensure that you can use this glue gun safely.

And the ergonomic trigger design and small size allow you to use it comfortably! And, for some reason, if you’re still not satisfied, this glue gun has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can buy it with confidence, knowing that if you don’t love it, you can send it back ASAP!

5) Our Favorite Cordless Glue Gun
• Miqline Cordless Glue Gun Set
• Link to Purchase: Best Glue Guns for Crafting
• Rating: 5 Stars
• Price: $23
• Why We Love It! Another glue gun with a 5-star rating?! Don’t believe it? Well, we can prove it to you! This cordless glue gun is not only convenient because that pesky cord won’t get in your way, but also because it charges via USB cable.

What does that mean? Well, its cord is compatible with so many electronics you likely already have on hand. So you never have to worry about running out of a charge again! Plus, this glue gun is compact, so it’ll fit almost anywhere.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the best glue guns for crafting. We put a lot of research into this post to make sure we recommended only the best products to you. Because here at JK Crafts, we are committed to making your hobby more relaxed and more enjoyable, always.

Did you order any one of the glue guns we suggested above? Got your own favorite glue gun brand you want to share with the JK Crafts community? We’d love to hear about it all in the comments!

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