Best Scrapbook for Dogs Ideas

Best Scrapbook for Dogs Ideas

Best Scrapbook for Dogs Ideas

Are you obsessed with your Fur Family?  From kitten purrs to wet puppy kisses, everyone appreciates a good, loyal furry friend in their lives.  And that’s exactly why we decided to dedicate today’s scrapbook inspiration post to… Scrapbook for Dogs!

Nobody has to tell us the great impact four-legged friends have on our lives.  They give our lives extra joy, laughter, and smiles each and every day!  And so, what better way to commemorate these PAW-esome creatures than with a scrapbook for pets?

So, whether your fur child’s first birthday is coming up, or someone you know recently adopted a rescue… This post is sure to have all the pet inspiration you could ever want or need!

So grab your furry friend and get cozy for our 10 favorite scrapbook for dogs layouts and ideas!  And just in case you didn’t already know, here at JK Crafts, we like to go above and beyond.   So we’ve even included some crafting products you can use to get started on your very own scrapbook for pets.  …All we can say is… You’re Welcome!  Now, let’s get to it!

1) Puppy Love

Whether your puppy is male or female, we’re sure you’ll love these heartfelt scrapbook for dogs layouts!  More specifically though, the first layout is pretty in pink, and the second is blue and green.  Just a heads up in case your furry friend has a color preference!

With adorable puppies placed around florals and a light pink, polka-dotted background, this layout almost looks like a birth announcement! We also love how this scrapbooker used plenty of colorful matte and photo frames so when she adds photos… they’ll really pop!

And the use of ribbon is not only cute, but adds texture too. To get started on your own pretty pink scrapbook for dogs layout, grab this adorable light pink paper pack.

scrapbook for dogs

And also, don’t forget these cute puppy stickers!
scrapbook for dogs

If your puppy is a really good boy, then this scrapbook for dogs layout is for you! We love the flags fanned out in the top right-hand corner with personalized adjectives to describe their unique dog.

Plus, the black thread and wooden hearts throughout add some nice three-dimensionality, while also artistically illustrating a strong love-filled bond.  To get started on a similar layout for your furry friend, you can pick up the same Gingham paper.

scrapbook for dogs

And a wooden heart collection full of puppy love.

scrapbook for dogs

2) Dog Commands

A dog can’t prove it’s a good girl or boy without obeying some of their favorite commands, right?!  So why not tie some into your scrapbook for dogs layout, like these two below?

For this adorable “Sit, Stay, Fetch,” scrapbook for dogs layout, the scrapbooker was inspired by the photos’ fall backdrop. Crisp oranges, rich reds, and bright yellows…we don’t have to tell you why that color scheme is every scrapbooker’s dream!

So, to create this layout for yourself, you’ll have to invest in some fall inspired embellishments too.  Check out this cute fall paper pack and these classy washi tapes!

scrapbook for dogs
scrapbook for dogs

It’s no secret what a dog does all day long… So why not grab your favorite photos of them eating, playing, and sleeping for this cute scrapbook for pets layout? We love the chill, yet eye-catching color scheme of this page: light blues, grays, and reds.

Plus, all the cartoon elements give it a playful vibe too! P.S. did you see the Peanuts comic they even included along the top?!

If this is a scrapbook for dogs layout you want to try, we’ve got some GREAT products for you! First, pick up this “Life is Good” dog sticker, and then grab these red foil alphabet chipboard stickers.

scrapbook for dogs

scrapbook for dogs

3) Paws-itively Adorable

Is your dog so cute you just can’t stand it?!  Well, I’m pretty sure we all feel that way about our own fur children… but either way… Why not make a scrapbook page all about it? 

Whether it’s you and your puppy snuggling, or just some handsome solo shots of them, it’s time to put your dog’s modeling skills to the test for these layouts!

If you’ve got some pictures with you hugging your pup, this is the scrapbook for dogs layout to use! We love that since the photos were taken in the winter, the scrapbooker choose grays and blues for the embellishments.

And while this layout is digital, we still have some great products you can try to recreate it for yourself!  The first is this PAW-esome Fiskars heart paper edger so you can create heart page borders with ease! 

scrapbook for dogsAnd the other is cute pet-themed paper, so your entire pages can be filled with furry friends!

Beware! You should only use this layout if your dog is DANGEROUSLY cute! …Just kidding! But all teasing aside, we love how cute and simple this scrapbook for dogs layout is.

Simply get some neutral background paper, layer another accent paper on top, and finally place your photos and embellishments. For example, the dog bone washi tape adds a fun, unique touch, while the “Beware of Cute Dog!” die cut adds just the right pop of color.

If you like the vibe this page is giving off, we found the EXACT products you need to recreate it! The first is the die cut kit that includes the same “Beware of Cute Dog” caption.

scrapbook for dogs

And the second is this cute dog stamp set, used in the top right corner of this layout.

4) Human Love

We know you love your dog so much you might want your scrapbook for pets to feature them… and no one else!  But, just in case you have a cute picture with your pet, use one of these layouts for inspiration!

This layout uses a rule of photography, the rule of thirds, to create a perfectly balanced page! Notice how they essentially divided the page into three rows of three, making purrrrrfect windows for photos or embellishments. And of course, we get some action shots with the owner petting and playing too.

To try out this layout for yourself, pick up these cute dog bone paper punchers… so that you have plenty of treats for your good boy!
scrapbook for dogs

And, if you also like the way the edges of the page are distressed, grab some photo distressing ink here.
scrapbook for dogs

The tale of “A Boy and His Dog” by Donna Long, is a tale as old as time… And great inspiration for a scrapbook for dogs page layout too!

We love this layout because it’s not only sweet to look at, but simple to recreate too. Some washi tape, paw print stickers, and accent papers and shapes are all you need to create this adorable layout!

Grab your own 3D pawprint stickers and don’t forget to pick up some patterned washi tape for an easy, eye-catching embellishment while you’re at it!
scrapbook for dogs

scrapbook for dogs

5) Furry Puns!

We love this adorable layout… Fur Real!!!  The color paw prints lining the top and bottom edges of the page are vibrant without distracting from the photos.  And there’s so many great embellishments used here too!  From buttons, to stamps, to stickers, we don’t even know where to start analyzing!  But the important thing is, they all work together to make a heartfelt, punny layout.

To get you started, here is a pawprint stamper who’s only limit is your own imagination!
scrapbook for dogs
Plus, we simply HAD to include the gorgeous metallic champagne ink used on some of the pawprints in this layout. Because your puppy’s pages deserve to shine!

I think we all like to think of our pets as our “Fur-ever Friends.” And, because of that, we saved this adorable layout for last!

It’s full of textures, bright colors, and furry fun! From a chain link fence to a doghouse, to a leash, this layout really covers it all!

To make it for your furry friend, grab this Baker’s twine for a pop of color and texture – as seen on the left side of this layout.
scrapbook for dogs

And of course, don’t forget these adorable dog stickers, complete with a doghouse, food bowl, and pawprints!

scrapbook for dogs

More Inspiration…

If you were on the fence about making a scrapbook for pets, we hope this pushed you over the edge. And we’re excited for you to get started! We know your scrapbook for dogs will be cute, heartfelt, and memory-filled!

And remember, no scrapbook is complete without a gorgeous binding to hold it all together! So consider one of these sweet products so your pet memories stay protected for years to come!

scrapbook for dogs

scrapbook for dogs

Have you made a scrapbook for your dog or cat before? Know any other tips or tricks or products we left out? Let us know in the comments below!

And, before we officially sign off for today, don’t forget to follow us on our FacebookInstagramand Pinterest Boards!

And for more inspiration for other great scrapbooking templates download the 10 Must-Have Scrapbook Layout Templates for Every Occasion.

Happy Crafting!


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