Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You

Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You

20 Embellishments for Scrapbooking to Inspire You

Embellishments for Scrapbooking

If you are like me when you are starting to create a scrapbook or memory book or even card making, you are always aiming to find new embellishments for scrapbooking.  Are you perusing Pinterest like a maniac?  Yep, me too!  So, we are all about helping save you time on your crafting journey, and I have found some embellishments for scrapbooking that are bound to inspire you on your next project.

Because, as fun as creating scrapbooks is, we know that sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge.  What theme do you pick?  What photos should you include?  What kinds of scrapbook embellishment can you add to take your scrapbook to the next level?  Our list of twenty scrapbook ideas, plus accompanying decorations, should answer all of these questions…and more! Don’t forget to check out our blog, “What is Scrapbooking in Today’s World?

1)  Boyfriend or Girlfriend Scrapbook/Memory Book

A memory book for your significant other is such a fun idea, and we had to include it on this list!  Pictures from your first date or trips together, and first time meeting the family are fun to reminisce about favorite times together.  And great sources of inspiration!  Plus, this can be a great gift to ask your partner to take it to the next level.  With the final page asking the recipient, “Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?” Or “Will you marry me?!”

And as exciting as that sounds, you’re probably also wondering, “Besides cute pictures, what else can I add to make this book special?” Great question!  We LOVE these embellishments for scrapbooking:

Heart Flourish Chipboard Photo Frames:
Heart chipboard embellishments
2) Couples Memory Book

Whether you’re crafting for an old couple or a new couple, they’re sure to love receiving a scrapbook! Consider making it for one of their milestone anniversaries, wedding day, or Valentine’s Day. And, if you’re not sure exactly how to dress it up to make it unique, consider these love-inspired embellishments for scrapbooking:

· Three Dimensional Heart Stickers: Heart stickers embellishments
· “I Love You” Stickers: Boyfriend Scrapbook Stickers

3) Baby Memory Book

A baby is such a special milestone for a growing family. And a memory book is the perfect way to commemorate it! Also, gather photos and artifacts, like the baby’s first word or a piece of their first blanket, for a baby memory book that will be cherished forever. And, to make it even more memorable, add one of these awesome baby scrapbooking embellishments:
· Baby Boy Die Cuts: Baby Boy Scrapbook embellishments· Baby Girl Adhesive Borders: Baby Girl Scrapbook Embellishments

4) Wedding Memory Book

Wedding planning can be so crazy and demanding, and the bride might forget to collect memories herself! …And that’s where you can step in! Volunteer to be the bridal party’s “memory-maker” and record everything for the bride. Likewise documenting venue tours, to dress shopping, to the bridal shower, a wedding memory book is sure to please.

But of course, a wedding is also an occasion where only the best of the best should be purchased. And so, to follow suit, check out some of the highest quality wedding embellishments for scrapbooking we could find below!

· “I Do” Die Cut Pack: Wedding scrapbook embellishments· Three Dimensional Wedding Themed Stickers: wedding scrapbook stickers

5) Travel Memory Book

Why even travel if you don’t plan on remembering it? A travel memory book is a perfect way to record your memories and relive them time and time again. From boarding passes to event ticket stubs to your journaling about the food you ate and the feelings you felt, a travel memory book is fun to look at by yourself or share with others. But how can you make it special? Get out those embellishment supplies, of course!
· Vintage Travel-Themed Die Cuts: travel die cuts· “Travel the World” Die Cut Set: travel scrapbook stickers

6) Kid Memory Book

Just because a child isn’t a baby anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t making memories! Whether it’s dance recitals, sports competitions, or school achievements, every child has something that should be celebrated. So why not make that child feel extra proud with a simple memory book?

The scrapbook is a perfect gift to give for a birthday, graduation, or any milestone event. Check out our favorite rhinestone embellishments for crafts below to see how you can take your kid’s memory book to the next level!
· “Kids Want to Have Fun” Scrapbooking Embellishment Set: Kids scrapbook embellishments· 4950 Piece Adhesive Rhinestone Set (Assorted Sizes and Colors): rhinestone scrapbook embellishments
7) Graduation Memory Book

Graduations are huge! And especially in this day and age. Unfortunately, so many students are missing out on celebrating this milestone event with a traditional celebratory gathering. So, why not make a graduation memory book to cheer up your favorite grad?!

Additionally, ask their teachers to write something special for the graduate to celebrate their next steps moving forward in life. And of course, a congratulatory graduation memory book wouldn’t be exciting without some show-stopping graduation themed embellishments!
· Graduation Sticker Set: graduation stickers· Three Dimensional Cap, Gown, and Degree Sticker Set: Graduation embellishments for scrapbooking

8) Holiday Memory Book

The holidays are a great time to gather, reminisce, and celebrate. And few things encourage this more than a well-crafted memory book! Pick a favorite holiday amongst your family and friends. Then record all the changes and traditions this holiday has endured and brought throughout the years. It’ll surely bring up some bittersweet memories, while also bringing everyone closer together. And, if you want it to be memorable, make sure you add these scrapbook embellishments.
· 30 Assorted Holiday Stickers: holiday scrapbook stickers
· “Merry and Bright” 60 Piece Die Cut Set: holiday scrapbook stickers

9) Best Friend Memory Book

Best friends are the family that the universe forgot to give you. So, of course, they deserve to be celebrated with a best friend’s memory book! Compile your most embarrassing memories together for a laugh out loud memory book.

Or, record tender moments between the two of you for a memory book that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings. Either way, we’re confident that these scrapbook embellishments will take your best friend’s memory book over the top!
· “Friends” Scrapbook Kit: friends scrapbook stickers· Pack of 162 Glitter “Friend” Stickers: friends scrapbook stickers
10) Birthday Memory Book

Whether they’re turning 1 or 100, birthday memory books are a cute, fun gift. They let you show off your creativity while also celebrating the guest of honor! Plus, a birthday memory book means you don’t have to go crazy finding the perfect gift because memories are always appreciated!

And, make sure you do your birthday memory book justice by adding in some of these fantastic birthday scrapbook embellishments.
· Birthday Die Cut Pack: Birthday stickers
· 107 Glitter Birthday Stickers: Glitter Birthday stickers

11) Disney Memory Book

The happiest place on Earth! The most magical place of all! However, you like to call Disney’s Parks, and they provide the perfect inspiration for a memory book. From character meet and greets to fantastical backdrops, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of photos after your magical trip!

And to make this Disney memory book even more magical, be sure to use these Disney scrapbook embellishments:
· 60 Disney Die Cuts: Disney stickers for scrapbooking
· Disney Vacation Sticker Pack: Disney stickers for scrapbooking

12) School Years Memory Book

Let’s face it. Moving up through school year after year is a huge accomplishment! Think of all the tests your student had to pass, all the lessons they had to sit through, etc. Of course, your student deserves recognition with a school year’s memory book!

Whether it’s a tradition in your house to take a “First Day of School” photo or not… We’re sure you’ll have plenty of material to work with throughout the year. From picture days to old report cards, this memory book is the perfect place to boast your child’s academic accomplishments. And, feel free to check out these embellishments for more inspiration too!
· “Going to School” Three Dimensional Sticker Pack: school stickers
· 60+ “School Days” Die Cuts:

13) Accomplishment Memory Book

A new job. A new house. A new business. There are so many different achievements our loved ones accomplish, and their hard work certainly deserves to be memorialized!

Now, let us ask- who’s better for that job than you? A crafty, creative individual who loves gifting heartwarming memories to others! Start brainstorming now and allow these embellishments for scrapbooking to inspire you to tackle this fun, creative challenge.

· “Congratulations” Rubberized Stamp Pack: stamps for scrapbooking
· 80 Gold Foil Inspirational Life Quotes Stickers: Gold foil quote stickers

14) Pet Memory Book

In most households, pets are a cherished member of the family. Each has its distinct personality, and so obviously, they deserve a memory book just like anybody else! Save certificates from your pets’ training programs, adoption, competitions, and more. Write down memories like when you brought them home for the first time or introduced them to the family.

However, you choose to do it, and we’re sure a pet memory book will make you smile. And my favorite, the dog scrapbooking embellishments are sure to make those unforgettable memories to the next level!
· Rubberized Cat Stamps: pet stamps for scrapbooking· 60+ “Dog Gone Cute” Die Cuts: dog embellishments for scrapbooking
15) Work-Life/Retirement Memory Book

Retirement is a significant accomplishment signaling a new chapter in life. And so, like any other milestone, a memory book is undoubtedly warranted for this occasion!

And, you can even leave some blank pages at the end. This way, the new retiree has space to add in memories from all their retirement adventures to come. Use these retirements die-cut embellishments as inspiration!
· “Happy Retirement” Die Cut: retirement stickers
· “Happy Retirement” Silicone Stamp Die Set: stamps for retirement
16) Sports Memory Book

Undoubtedly, sports are a huge part of many people’s lives. From coaches to players to die-hard fans, we’re sure there’s a lot of memories that have been recorded. So why not take the lead on organizing them into a creative sports memory book? And if you’re not sure where to start, let these awesome themed sports embellishment ideas guide you!
· Classic Sports Balls Sticker Set: sports stickers
· “Good Ol’ Sport” Stamp Set: stamps for sports

17) Family History Memory Book

Family history is so important to know and celebrate. Unfortunately, though, the more years that pass, the more that families’ roots and traditions are forgotten. That’s why it’s so important to record them, and even leave blank spaces for your future family to contribute! Also, it’s a fun way to stay connected to your family’s origins and inspire others to do the same. Get started today by checking out these family history embellishments for scrapbooking:
· “So Much Love” Family Sticker Set: family stickers
· Flourish Photo Frames: frame embellishments for scrapbooking18) Siblings Memory Book

Siblings share a special bond that no one else can. Remind your brother or sister of that with a heartful sibling’s memory book! Let your favorite photos and memories guide you— along with these awesome scrapbook embellishments.
· “Forever My Brother” Cardstock Sticker Set: stickers for brother
· “Sister Forever” Cardstock Sticker Set:
stickers for sisters
19) Grandparents or Extended Family Memory Book

Once a family member reaches a certain age, they cherish no gift more than the gift of family. Take advantage of this by creating a family memory book inspired by just that! Collect photos of each time they became a grandparent, or aunt, or cousin, etc. We’re sure they’ll love it! And we’re sure they’ll love these next embellishments too!
· Stamp Simply Clear Stamps: family stamps· “The Family Tree” Sticker Set: family stickers for scrapbooking20) Epic Life Events Memory Book

Let’s face it; life can be pretty epic sometimes! From winning the lottery to getting stuck in quarantine together, there are some life events we’ll just never forget. Capitalize on these special memories by capturing them into an exciting memory book. We know it’ll be a page-turner, mainly if you include these next embellishments!
· “Life is Good” Happy Sticker Pack: life is good stickers· 180 Piece “All The Fun Things” Sticker Set: life is good stickers
Which embellishment was your favorite?
Which recommended embellishment are you excited to use? Got any other favorite decorations you want to share with our crafting community? Are you creating your own DIY scrapbook embellishments? Let us know in the comments below.

Lastly, for more embellishment ideas, don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards and comment on Facebook or Instagram and show us what you are creating!

Crafting out!


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