Die Cutting

How to use Cricut Stencil Vinyl on Wood

How to use Cricut Stencil Vinyl on Wood Crafting can be frustrating!  But oh, so fulfilling!  Do you ever see a project and your like, “I can do that!  Easy peasy!  I got this!”  And then you get started, and you are like WTF?  Have you been there?  Do you know what I am saying?…LOL Well, this weekend, I tried doing a Cricut stencil using vinyl for a decorative rustic wood piece.  Let me share with you what I have learned and to help make things easy on you for your next project when using your Cricut stencil vinyl on … Read More

how to choose best die cutting machine

How to Choose the Best Die Cutting Machine So, let me guess you are finally thinking of splurging on yourself!  And you are wondering about how to choose the Best Die Cutting Machine.  You LOVE crafting; it’s your favorite way to spend your free time! You’re either that mom that’s always impressing the PTA with all her crafty touches, or maybe you’re just the one known in your friend group for having AMAZING DIY skills!  Or your like me, you are short on time and love to craft but need something to help you on your journey! Whether it’s handmade … Read More