5 Creative Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

5 Creative Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

5 Creative Scrapbook for Couple Ideas!

Sometimes, one of the most stressful parts of being in a relationship is the gift-giving, am I right?  Whether your significant other already has everything, or whether you agreed to keep spending money on gifts to a minimum… It can be hard to figure out what to get someone who means so much to you!

Luckily though, today we’ve got the perfect solution: Scrapbook for couples!  Because no significant other (S-O) will be able to say no to the gift of memories, laughter, and good times.  In fact, we’ve got 5 unique scrapbook for couple ideas, so you can stop stressing about gift-giving and start crafting!

So, whether your S-O has a birthday soon, or you want to let them know how much you appreciate them… We’re sure these scrapbook for couples ideas will come in handy!

And, the best part about this post, and every post in our scrapbook inspiration series?  We’re not just sharing with you awesome page layout ideas and designs… We’re even showing you what materials you need to purchase to craft them for yourself!  Pretty awesome, right?

And so, without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy our 5-favorite scrapbook for couple ideas!

Our 5 Favorite Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

1) Boyfriend Highlight Page

If you’re making a scrapbook for boyfriend, you might want to have a page highlighting him and no one else.  If that’s the case, then let these two next pages inspire your memory book for boyfriend design layouts!

We’re excited to start off this post with a Boyfriend Scrapbook layout that’s colorful, simple, and interesting. We love the pennant flag across the middle of the page that adds some texture and variety. You can learn how to make your own in this post here.

More than that though, the rhinestone half circle on the right-hand side of the page adds some awesome sparkle! And the “Love you so much” loose-leaf bracket caption frame is both casual and heartfelt all at once. To recreate these elements on your own, grab a pack of adhesive rhinestones of varying sizes here.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

And get this AWESOME magnetic bracket paper punch.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

It allows you to cut a bracket from ANY paper, which is great for framing captions or matting photos!

The name of the game for this Boyfriend Scrapbook layout is paper, paper, and you guessed it, more paper! The scrapbooker starts with kraft paper, a great idea to give a more masculine feel to the page. Next, they layer on top an elegant black and white patterned paper to add some nice contrast and class!

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

And of course, did you notice how they cut letters out of cardboard?! That’s probably one of our most favorite, creative, and inexpensive boyfriend scrapbook ideas we’ve seen to date!

2) Valentine’s Day Hearts

We already know that Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make a cute boyfriend scrapbook or scrapbook for couples.  And trust us – for Valentine’s Day a couples scrapbook, you can get more creative than red, glittery hearts.  Don’t believe us? 

Well, then you just have to check out these two creative, colorful pages below!  And P.S., if Valentine’s Day crafting is one of your favorite things, then be sure to check out this post.

This page is the epitome of love! We still can’t get over how the scrapbooker has stitched the paper hearts onto the page. And, they’ve also done a great job mixing neutral colors with bright ones to create a well-balanced page.

If you want to recreate this page on your own, then invest in these paper packs for the hearts.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

They’re full of lovely patterns that are sure to take your memory book for boyfriend to the next level.

Another one of our favorite scrapbook for couples ideas is this beautiful bouquet of heart balloons! It’s simple to do and adds a lot of love into your couples scrapbook page. In order to get started making this layout, you’ll want a set of heart paper punches, like these.
Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Next, grab your heart-themed paper packs, like the ones we suggested in the layout above. And finally, get some red baker’s twine.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Then, all you need to do is punch out some hearts, layer them, glue them down, and finally… finesse in some baker’s twine. And voila! You’ve got a well-textured, colorful couples scrapbook page layout!

3) Couples Events

If you and your SO have been together for a while, odds are you have some photos from special occasions.  And whether that’s a baseball game or a prom, any of those photos can inspire your scrapbook for couples ideas!

This layout is simple, well-themed, and documents a memory that both members of the couple found enjoyable and memorable… All the ingredients of an amazing scrapbook for couples page layout!

We also love the way this scrapbooker took a color-blocking approach with the baseball-themed embellishments. From baseball laces to stars, this scrapbooker positioned all the rectangles to create visual interest and a pop of color.

If you and your SO attended a ball game together that you want to incorporate into your scrapbook for couples… Then we’ve got the perfect products for you! Look no further than this baseball scrapbook starter kid and themed washi tape!
Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Many couples’ stories start at prom, and if that’s true for you, you’ll love this memory book for boyfriend layout! This scrapbooker did a great job choosing papers and embellishments that match the couple’s outfits: aqua and gray.

Plus, the handwritten captions on the white brackets underneath make this page even more heartfelt and classy!  If you’d like to include handwritten captions on your own brackets, then check out this sticker roll.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

We love how many you get for such a reasonable price. Plus, their sticker backing will make them easy to adhere and place on any scrapbook layout.

4) Love-Filled Getaways!

Of course, our scrapbook for couples ideas couldn’t be complete without a few lovely vacation memories!  And these two layouts documenting couples’ beach vacations do a great job incorporating hearts in a modern, minimalistic way.

The layering, textures, and mix of colors on this memory book for boyfriend layout is what makes it so great! And the best part is, it’s so easy to recreate.

Simply find some scrapbook papers that compliment one another, cut strips, and layer them at 90-degree angles with one another… Because that’s essentially what this scrapbooker did! It’s a great technique to draw your eye to the focal point of the page: the photos and quote.

This page is also easy to recreate because all the papers and embellishments are in the Chickaniddy “Date Night” Collection… Which of course is available on Amazon.

To help you in your search, here’s the same paper pack and brad collection this scrapbooker used.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

If you’ve got more vacation photos of you and your SO to count… Then this might be one of your favorite scrapbook for couples ideas so far! Start by cutting out some metallic hearts, fill them in with vacation themed papers, layer on some pictures, and your couple’s memory book layout is good to go!

We also love the muted tones and metallic elements used to give this page more of a modern feel. To make this one in your own crafting studio, grab this “getaway” paper pack and these beach themed scrapbook stickers.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

5) Romantic Florals

For the scrapbookers out there who enjoy minimalistic layouts with creams and blush pinks, these next two are for you!  They’re beautiful yet simple all at once, making them some of our favorite scrapbook for couple ideas!

This is one of those scrapbook for couples ideas that’s perfect for scrapbookers who prefer a more vintage feel! The newspaper-like background and muted tones of the photos themselves make for a layout that’s romantic and professional.

To help you recreate this layout, we’ve found some vintage papers and stickers with heartfelt quotes in a handwritten style.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

The layering effect of complimentary colored paper is what gives this page its unique, delicate feel. And you can create it too by investing in some of the “Flourish” Scrapbooking Collection by Maggie Holmes.

More specifically, grab the sweet floral papers used in this scrapbook for couples and the other embellishments.

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

Scrapbook for Couple Ideas

More Inspiration…

You simply can’t go wrong crafting or gifting these scrapbook for couple ideas.  Not only will they allow your SO to walk down memory lane, but you too, the crafter, will get nostalgic while putting these layouts together.

And believe it or not, before you know it, the holiday gift-giving season and Valentine’s Day will be here!  So, we wanted to get you these scrapbook for couples ideas ASAP so you have plenty of time to prepare.

Have you gifted your SO a memory book before?  Have you ever received one?  If so, post some pictures in the comments below!  We love to see what all of our JK Crafts Co. readers have been working on.

But, before we part ways for today, be sure to check us out on FacebookInstagram and our Pinterest Boards.  This is the best way to stay in touch with us between our weekly blog postings.  Because as we all already know, creativity never sleeps!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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