Birthday Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire

Birthday Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire

5 Birthday Scrapbook Ideas to Inspire!

What is the universal holiday that everyone can celebrate?  Yep, it is your Birthday!  And for the paper crafter you will always want to have some birthday scrapbook themes in your back pocket!  

Everyone you know, no matter their age, gender, or relationship status has a birthday.  And so, this post can really inspire a scrapbook for anyone!  Whether a birthday has just passed and you’re looking forward to documenting the memories… Or, someone’s birthday is coming up and you want to craft them the PERFECT gift- we’ve got you covered!

We’re so glad you’re back and hope you’re enjoying our Scrapbook Inspiration series so far and have enjoyed the other scrapbooking inspirations and layouts we’ve covered so far: weddings, baby boys, baby girls, and best friends.

But today, we’re excited to move onto Birthdays!  From creative layout ideas to all the products you need to recreate them yourself, without further ado… Here are our favorite birthday scrapbook ideas, designs, and products!

1) Birthday Party on the Page

One of our favorite techniques for a birthday scrapbook is to document the actual celebration!  This way the viewer feels like they were right there in the party. 

You can include shots of guests, the cake, and present opening….  But, we don’t need to explain all that, because these next two layouts demonstrates it all perfectly!

This layout is fun, detailed, and bright, all at once. The photo strip along the right is a great technique for packing in lots of photos without overcrowding the page. And the bottom blue section really reiterates the idea that these photos were taken in a pool.

Finally, the detailed caption in the top left helps the viewer recreate the event in their mind.  If you’ve had a pool party you want to document in a birthday scrapbook, check out these 3D stickers! Birthday Scrapbook

We love how elegant and minimalistic this layout feels! The contrast of colorful 3D embellishments with black ink stamping is creative, cute, and sophisticated. We also love the handwritten caption and fancy stamped initial which gives this page a personalized yet polished homemade feel.

If this birthday scrapbook layout speaks to you, we found the perfect stamps to help you recreate it with! First up, a regal alphabet/monogram stamp set.
birthday scrapbook

And secondly, a “Carnival Party Stamps of Life” set that gives you limitless, customizable, creative possibilities! Whether that’s a ticket that says, “Happy Birthday,” “You’re invited,” or the traditional “Admit One.”

2) Age is More than Just a Number

Some people say, “Age is just a number,” but these scrapbooker would likely disagree!  In these next two birthday scrapbook layouts, the subject’s age is front and center… Because it’s something to celebrate!

This birthday scrapbook layout is a bit ambitious, but well worth the time if you can pull it off! Start by cutting out the age, and then search for photos that can be cut to fit on top.

Or, of course, if you’re computer savvy, a digital memory book for birthday layout might serve you well here.  Either way though, we love the idea of using the age as a frame; it’s creative and efficient!

We also love how bright this page is. And, if you plan on making your scrapbook just as lively, don’t miss out on this bright birthday paper collection and these awesome 3D stickers.

birthday scrapbook

If you want to add a little bit of humor into your birthday scrapbook, then this layout’s for you! And of course, “Forever 39” can be changed out for whatever suits your scrapbooking subject best, i.e. “Forever 29,” “Forever 49,” etc.

More than that though, this memory book for birthday layout is full of color and excitement.   A sombrero, floral background papers, multicolored matting… this design really does have it all!

And, in case you’re overwhelmed looking at all of the elements to recreate it, allow us to help. Here is a pack of brightly colored floral papers to get you started and just in case you’re scrapbooking a “fiesta,” you’ll want these stickers to take your design to the next level!

birthday scrapbook

3) All About the Birthday Girl (or Boy)

Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words, and you only want to put one on a page.  If you feel that’s the case with one of your photos, then, by all means, do it!   These layouts do a great job of using just one photo to highlight the birthday girl… while still staying fresh and interesting!

While the other memory book for birthday layouts we’ve shown today have been bright, this one’s more muted. And if the birthday subject/photo calls for that, then by all means, go for it!

Especially because we love the way this page is simple yet detailed all at once. The age is subtly displayed above the photo, while glitter washi tape and enamel dots give pops of color and texture.

birthday scrapbook

Even though this birthday girl is wearing a mask, excitement is still spilling all over the page! We love how this scrapbooker chose such bright, exciting prints and embellishments… It makes the viewer feel like they were actually at the real celebration!

We also love how they divided the page with a diagonal line to create some unique visual interest. And the bright greens and pink of the page layout match the greenery and cake in the photo perfectly!

And the best part of all this? We’ve got the exact paper collection you need to recreate this look.

birthday scrapbook

Plus, if you’re a BIG fan of this page’s aesthetic, then we’re about to give you some great news! The manufacturer of this paper and sticker collection has a bundle, and we’ve got it for you right here.

4) Birthday Cake Collages

What is a birthday without cake, right?  Well, these next two memory book for birthday layouts are dedicated to just that!  A great idea considering that a birthday cake might be in LOTS of landmark photos… like blowing out candles, cutting the cake, and of course – icing-smeared yet satisfied faces!

Simple. Bright. Feminine. Everything a nine-year-old girl would want in a birthday scrapbook! This page does a great job mixing posed and candid shots, and sticking to the “Butterfly Kisses/Birthday Wishes” theme!

By the way, do you have a little girl in your life who LOVES butterflies? Then consider checking out these 3D butterfly stickers to take your memory book for birthday to the next level!
Plus, these youthful, celebratory papers are sure to embody all the color and excitement that your young daughter/granddaughter exudes!

This is the PERFECT layout if you find yourself making a birthday scrapbook for a little one. Because after all, who doesn’t love a good baby cake smash?

Aside from being colorful and adorable, this layout tells a story. Baby saw the cake, baby ate the cake, and mom and dad were there too!

If you want to capture this kind of energy in your own memory book for birthday, consider this paper collection.
memory book for birthdayIt has the same sprinkle paper used in this layout! And of course, we love a set of 3D realistic birthday stickers too!
memory book for birthday

5) Heartfelt Birthday Layouts

Finally, we wanted to round out our post today with some heartfelt birthday scrapbook layouts.  We know some birthdays are very special, and they deserve to be honored with an earnest layout like these!

At first glance, this birthday scrapbook layout is just a boy and his watermelon slice cake. But the closer you look, the more you see! Cute word embellishments spell out everything the scrapbooker loves about the birthday boy.

Birthday Scrapbook

And then, even more subtly, handwritten around the border of the page are more details about the special day. All of these text elements work together to create a layout that’s honest and heartwarming.

As our loved ones get older, it’s so important to document milestones like big birthdays… And we love how this layout does just that!

Now, just because this is a digital layout, doesn’t mean you can’t still use it for birthday scrapbook inspiration! The deep blues and rich yellows feel elegant and age appropriate, while the caption is emotional and heartfelt.

We also love how the age and date are included, since these are very important details in this grandmother’s life.  By the way, if you’re creating a birthday scrapbook for your mom or grandma, check out these heartfelt embellishments.

Birthday Scrapbook

More Inspiration…

Are you ready to tackle a Birthday Scrapbook?  Our goal is to make scrapbooking easier for you, so you can enjoy your hobby in a stress-free way.  And we hope this post did just that!

Have you made your own memory book for birthday before?  Have any other layout or products you would like to share?  Comment them below – we love to see everyone’s personal creative style so we can get to know you better!

For more inspiration make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram and our Pinterest Boards for more inspiration.

And for more inspiration for other great scrapbooking templates download the 10 Must-Have Scrapbook Layout Templates for Every Occasion

Happy Crafting!


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