Memory Book for Baby Boy Themes

Memory Book for Baby Boy Themes

5 Memory Book for Baby Boy Themes You Must Try

Memory Book for Baby Boy

Well JK Crafters, believe it or not, we’re already on to our second scrapbook layout inspiration post!  While last week we covered wedding scrapbook layouts, today we’re going to move onto a scrapbook that happens after marriage… Memory book for baby boy!

Whether you’re a new mother, aunt, or grandmother, the arrival of a little boy is something to celebrate!  So, why not commemorate the occasion with a keepsake baby book?  A memory book for baby boy is a great gift for Mother’s Day, the baby’s first birthday, and more! 

Because, after all, who doesn’t love a heartfelt, handmade gift?  Especially one that holds such important memories in a unique, personal way!

So, if you’re ready to see our 5 favorite memory books for baby boy page layout ideas, keep on reading!  We are excited to not only break down our favorite elements of each layout… But also show you the exact products you need to replicate these adorable scrapbooks for baby boy ideas!

1) Sonogram Inspired Page Layouts

We love the idea of incorporating sonograms into your memory book for baby boy, especially as one of the first pages!  After all, since a mom-to-be’s first sonogram is such a huge milestone, why not honor it in a heartfelt layout?  Below are just two examples of layouts that do a great job showcasing sonograms!

What better way to start your memory book for baby boy than by announcing “It’s a boy” right away! Especially by using the sonogram pictures that revealed the baby’s gender in the first place!

In this layout specifically, we love how the “It’s a Boy” words are the focal point. We also the matted caption on the bottom righthand-corner.

It does a great job capturing the parent’s feelings in the exact moment of the gender reveal!

This layout is similar to the one above as it includes two sonogram pictures, as well as a caption. The “Love at First Sight” phrase also adds a nice, heartfelt non-gender specific touch. And the green framing used around the sonograms add a nice pop of color.
Memory book for Baby Boy

This layout also does a nice job reminding us of something we often forget as scrapbookers… You don’t always need amazing handwriting or fancy embellishments to make a memorable page!  Sometimes just a couple of photos, decorative paper, washi tape, and typed up captions do just fine!

2) Bath Time Layout

If you’ve had a newborn before, we don’t have to tell you how adorable baby’s first bath is!  New faces of joy, fear, and confusion all emerge at once to create the most memorable photos.  And that’s why we just have to show you these adorable memory books for baby boy bath time themed layouts!

The embellishments on this page are truly what make it so adorable! From glitter bubbles, to liquid pearls to felt rubber duckies, an adorable energy just seems to fly off the page.

We also love the handwritten caption, which adds a heartfelt, personal touch… Because who doesn’t love reliving baby memories through pictures and handwritten memories decades down the line?

3) Animal Inspired Punny Layouts

As our little ones progress from crawling to walking and babbling to talking, animals are one of the first things they discover and love.  So why not base one of your memory book for baby boy page layouts on just that? 

These next two layout examples showcase how you can include animals in your keepsake baby book in a light-hearted way!

“Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur!” It really does not get cuter than that! And while unfortunately the paper collection used to design this keepsake baby book layout has been since discontinued… Fear not! 

We have done LOTS of research to find the next best high-quality product options. Specifically, this bright, adorable “Dino Mite” paper collection and matching cardstock die cut set.

Memory book for Baby Boy

Memory book for Baby BoyAnd while these embellishments are a little brighter than the ones shown in the example layout, we’re sure your final product with them will still be RAWR-some!

While cute and simple at first glance, this punny page has also paid A LOT of attention to detail! Notice the distressed ink used along the matte edges to give the page a more vintage, natural feel.

See all the hand-tied baker’s twine bows that add a delicate, three-dimensionality to the page. A great design to commemorate a BIG moment: baby’s arrival!

4) Sweet Dreams!

We’re sure you’ve got gazillions of pictures of your little one sleeping- so why not take advantage of it?  Whether you caught them during a cat nap, or a full night of sleep, there’re so many different theme options you can use for a sleeping picture layout.

From counting sheep, to dreaming big, to sleeping under the stars…  Let these adorable nap time layouts inspire some of your memory book for baby boy pages!

Dream Little Baby by Scrappin Happy Studio

“Dream Little Baby” by Scrappin Happy Studio
This scrapbooker does a great job pulling in the blues and oranges from the photo to make an aesthetically-pleasing layout. She even personalized this layout with a gorgeous, matted typewritten caption. And she also used these Echo Park chipboard stickers to carry over the foxes from his blanket onto the page.

Memory book for Baby Boy

We love how creative this scrapbooker got with the sleep time theme here! She cut stars out of gold glitter paper to simulate a mobile hanging over the baby’s head. How cute!

Memory book for Baby Boy

The sheep, clouds, and moon stickers only add more in-theme adorableness, of course. And the enamel dots provide a simple pop of color and texture. She even snuck in the photo’s date subtly by using a librarian’s stamp on the right-hand side of the page.

Memory book for Baby Boy

5) Pages by Ages

As you already know, babies change A LOT in their first year!  From their eye color to their personality to their height and weight, there’s a lot to document. 

Therefore, to keep it simple, you can always organize your memory book for baby boy pages by age!  Below are just a couple of our favorite ideas of how to do so.

This layout does a great job of giving a quick snapshot of baby boy at a simple, streamlined glance.  At first look, this layout only has a full body shot and some close-ups of the baby’s hands and feet.   But, if you look closer, along the page’s edges, the scrapbooker has put baby’s height, weight, and favorite things.  What a simple yet aesthetically-pleasing way to include all the information you’ll want to remember for years to come.

This side by side comparison of the baby’s growth is another great way to interpret the age page layout idea. It’s a simple layout to do and mimics the real experience of having a little one… They grow up right before your eyes in no time! Plus, we love the gray textured paper they’ve used to frame the page and matte the pictures.

Memory book for Baby Boy

It adds a touch of texture and elegance that even matches the baby’s outfit in both pictures!

More Inspiration…

We hope this post gave you the inspiration you needed to get started on your memory book for baby boy! Before you know it, your little one will be all grown up and moving on to bigger and better things… So make sure you fit in some well-deserved time to craft for your little boy now! Because in the blink of an eye, you’ll be putting together their scrapbook for high school graduation!

For more inspiration make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram and our Pinterest Boards for more inspiration. Also, have you created a Memory Book for a Baby Boy? We would love to see what you have done!

And for more inspiration for other great scrapbooking templates download the 10 Must-Have Scrapbook Layout Templates for Every Occasion

See you next week for our third scrapbook inspiration post in this series!  But in the meantime…

Happy Crafting!


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