Memory Book for Baby Girl Themes

Memory Book for Baby Girl Themes

5 Memory Book for Baby Girl Themes You Must Try

Are you creating a keepsake book for your little girl?  Today we’re excited to dive into our third scrapbook inspiration post.  From weddings to scrapbooks for baby boys… now we’re excited to give you all the inspiration you need to make your own memory book for baby girl!

If you’re reading this post, odds are your family is blessed enough to have a little girl on the way… or maybe she’s already arrived!  But whatever the case may be, let us assure you you’ve come to the right place.  As usual, we are so excited to share with you some of our favorite scrapbook layout pages for baby girls.

Because with all the planning and hecticness that comes with preparing for the arrival of a newborn… It’s important to take some well-deserved time to relax and invest in your hobbies too.  So, think of this post as an opportunity to sit back, relax, and get inspired for your own scrapbook for baby girl!

Just like our previous scrapbook layout inspiration posts, we’ve worked hard to not only find adorable layouts… but also to find the right high-quality products you need to replicate them on your own.

So, if you’re ready to get started on your very own unique memory book for baby girl- wait no further.  We’ve got all the details, examples, and products you could ever need below!

1) Birth Announcement

Before your beautiful baby girl even arrives, a lot has to happen!  The mom-to-be must have a positive pregnancy test, sonograms must be taken, etc.  And these two layouts below make sure none of these pregnancy artifacts get left out!

When it comes to creating a memory book for baby girl, why not start where it really all began…? The positive pregnancy test! This layout does a great job integrating this, the estimated delivery date, and hospital documentation from the day of birth.

And even though there are no photos on this page, the layout is still interesting thanks to all the embellishments. Such as the washi tape and maternity stickers which can be found right here for your own re-creation project! 

memory book for baby girl

memory book for baby girl

memory book for baby girl

“You are in Our Hearts” Sonogram Layout by Carrie Whitney-Butts

This layout, as opposed to just using informational papers, incorporates actual sonograms.  This is another great page layout idea for the beginning of your memory book for baby girl. 

That’s because it documents the anticipation you feel as you wait to see your baby for the first time!  We also love the heartwarming quote that is spaced out across the page: “Before you are in our arms… You are in our hearts.” 

What beautiful words to commemorate such a beautiful memory!  We also love the way in which this scrapbooker incorporated washi tape pennants for an extra pop of color.  Find out how you can make your own here.

2) Princess Theme

We’re sure you’ve already spoiled your little baby girl like a princess….  So, why not create a page in your memory book for baby girl that embodies just that? These next two layouts are cute, simple, and positively pink for the new little princess in your life!

Instead of going right out and saying, “princess,” this layout leaves more to the imagination. By using the phrase “Once upon a time,” the viewer knows exactly what’s implied: this little girl is our princess!

We also love how the little princely frog embellishments hint at a princess theme without going over the top. So, for our more subtle scrapbookers, check out this sticker set to help you recreate this low-key royal layout.

memory book for baby girl

For a more regal princess layout, you might find that this memory book for baby girl page inspires you more. The lacey chandelier and heart paper die cutouts layered on top of one another make for a gorgeous, intricate texture.

memory book for baby girl

Plus, the paper flowers in their muted colors are beautiful without competing too much for the photo’s attention. We also love how the date the photo was taken was subtly snuck into this layout…can you even see it? It’s right above the picture on top of the baby’s head, almost like a crown!

memory book for baby girl

3) Baby Faces

Let’s be honest- one of the most amusing things about babies is all of the funny faces they make!  From finding their own laugh to hearing their first loud noise, babies’ emotions are always written all over the face. 

And that’s why we think they make GREAT inspiration for a memory book for baby girl page layout.  Don’t believe us?  Check out these next two adorable pages below!

This layout is for those scrapbookers who like a little bit of light-hearted humor in their pages. The baby face-making checklist is adorable and could be used on more than one page… Because, let’s be honest, you probably have photos for every one of those face-making adjectives on the list!

Plus, the tabs on the page’s side are a great, subtle, easy way to track the baby’s age and date. The background paper is also stunning- check out some similar eye-catching memory book for baby girl paper.

memory book for baby girl

At first glance, this layout looks pretty simple. A few photos matted on patterned paper… a heading… but the more you look, the more you see! Along the bottom of the matte, in white pen the scrapbooker has handwritten: “Your smile is simply too much. I can’t help but giggle right along with you. Two months old.”
memory book for baby girl

A great reminder of just how powerful personalized captions on a scrapbook page can be! She’s also included buttons and tiny flowers for further texture and pops of color too.

memory book for baby girl

4) Baby Girl’s Firsts

A baby has so many “firsts,” it can feel overwhelming putting them all into your memory book for baby girl! Luckily though, this layout shows us how to do it in a simple, aesthetically-pleasing way.

This scrapbooker specifically chose to document the dates and details of this little one’s first fruit, veggies, and giggle. But, by using blank tags like these,
memory book for baby girl

you can decide which “firsts” you want to document!

First baths and naps are always crucial moments at the time of baby girl’s arrival… And these layouts offer cute ways of documenting both! Of course, if you have a Cricut or similar machine, you can cut these baby girl shapes easily.

But if not, don’t sweat it! These embellishments that we found will work as a great substitute:

memory book for baby girl

memory book for baby girl

5) Baby Girl Name Announcement

We’re excited to end this post with some of the most gorgeous layouts we’ve ever seen.  These two memory book for baby girl pages are elegant, flower-filled, and of course- pink! 

We also love that they focus on one of the most important elements of the new baby girl: her name!

Beautiful distressed paper matting, flowers, butterflies, heart doilies, and pearls are just some of the things that make this layout standout.

memory book for baby girl

memory book for baby girl

We also love how this scrapbooker chose pinks that compliment and don’t compete with the baby’s attire in the photo. And of course, aside from the photo, the biggest item on the page is just what it should be… her name!

This final layout does a great job showcasing the newborn baby girl and everything you’d want to know about her. From her name to her birth time, birth date, and even weight and height!

The pinks and browns used do a great job playing off the color scheme of the photo. And the use of distressed ink and pink plaid ribbon gives it a nice contrasting, youthful yet earthy look.

Wrapping up…

We hope that these layouts inspire you to dive into your own memory book for baby girl!  We worked hard to find a variety of layouts that will speak to everyone.  Since, of course, every scrapbooker and baby girl are different!

Do you have any of your own scrapbook for baby girl ideas?  Have you made a scrapbook for baby girl?  Let us know in the comments below, because here at JK Crafts, we know we craft better, together!

For more inspiration make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and our Pinterest Boards for more inspiration. 

And for more creative ideas for other great scrapbooking templates download the 10 Must-Have Scrapbook Layout Templates for Every Occasion

See you next week for our fourth scrapbook inspiration post in this series!  But in the meantime…

Happy Crafting!


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