Laminate Paper DIY Projects

Laminate Paper DIY Projects

Laminate Paper DIY Projects

Are you unorganized in a particular element of your life?  Does your pantry look like it’s the explosion of the grocery store?  What does your craft stash look like?  How is the New Years’ resolution of organization and planning going for you?  What if I told you that we could help you get organized just by using a laminator and creating some of our favorite laminate paper DIY projects.  Yep, nothing super fancy here, just lamination.

Fellow crafters, we are always looking to become more efficient in everything we do.  Figuring out ways to make our hobbies easier and faster than ever before! Because, the less time it takes for you to complete a project, the more projects you can complete!

Not only is it fun and easy to do, but it’s also practical! By trying out these projects you’re not only dedicating time to your favorite hobby, but you also will create some useful materials for your whole family to enjoy! So perhaps you’re wondering, what DIY project can achieve all of that?

That’s right! Laminate paper DIY projects are fun and simple to do, and the possibilities are endless and they are not just for teachers.  Because lamination paper can be easily erased and written on again and again with dry erase markers, laminate paper DIY projects are the best and craftiest way to stay organized. Maybe your head is already spinning with possibilities of what you’ll be able to create. But, whether or not you’ve already got some ideas, keep reading below! We can’t wait to give you our top recommendations for laminate paper DIY projects. Because hey, this is a productive, yet crafty way to fill all that new spare time you might suddenly have.

Our Favorite Laminate Paper DIY Projects

1) PlannersDIY Planner

Perhaps you’ve run into the same problem we often find ourselves running into. When it comes to planners, there are so many great options out there, but none of them are perfect. Some are cute, some are thorough, but none seem to fill ALL our organizational needs. If that sounds like you, then kiss those days goodbye. With laminate paper, simply make your own!

First, pick out your favorite scrapbook paper designs. Whether you prefer a cute pattern, or bold solids to be the background is all up to you! Nevertheless, choose your desired decorative papers for the cover and interior. Our suggestion? Consider picking a certain color or pattern type for each month. This will make it easy to identify the month you want quickly! Or, try distinct, strong papers to be used as monthly dividers. This way you’ll know at a glance where one month or week starts, and the next begins.

Now that you’ve picked your scrapbook paper, get out your markers, and start to get creative. What layout do you like? Do you prefer a two-page calendar spread? Do you want each day to have its page? The good news is, since the final product will be erasable, you have a lot of flexibility. Consider just making enough pages and organizational lines for a few weeks or months at a time. No need to specifically label them, because you can fill in and change the actual dates and months with dry erase marker later.

Finally, get ready to laminate! Once your pages are decorated to your liking, run them through your favorite laminator. (Don’t have a laminator yet? Check out our top low, medium and high budget pick below!) Then, all you need to do is punch your papers with an A5 whole punch and your flexible, customized planner is good to go! And our favorite part about this laminate paper DIY project? Between the laminated pages and hole punched binder design, you’re never locked in. Moving pages and erasing commitments have never been easier. So, say goodbye to planners full of ugly cross-outs and ripped pages and hello to the age of crafty customization! Make sure you choose the correct copy paper for your planner and read our post 10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs.

2) Journals

So, let us guess. If you’re looking into this laminate paper project, perhaps you pledged that 2020 would be your year for journaling? Maybe you want to get into bullet journaling or stream of consciousness diary-style writing. Or maybe you want a crafty, personal way to keep those work or class notes organized. Whatever it may be, we support you and are ready to help!

First, get your favorite scrapbook paper and start to decorate the cover. Whether you want to add stickers, cut-outs, or customized calligraphy, it is up to you! Some of our favorite ideas include monograms, inspirational quotes, or personal photography. Once your masterpiece is complete, run your beautiful journal cover page through your laminator. Bind it to your favorite writing paper and viola! Your very own customized journal set!

3) Scrapbooks/Travel Notebooks

This laminate paper DIY project allows for ultimate customization. With lamination being a great way to protect memorabilia like photos, ticket stubs, brochures, and boarding passes, scrapbookers beware! You might become obsessed with all things laminating after you try it once. And, not only can you use it to create safe, sturdy, interior pages. But, you can also use your laminator in your next DIY project to create a customized cover that’s unique to your memories. You can also see more in our post Top 5 Creative Scrapbook Ideas.

4) Calendars

This is perhaps our favorite recommendation for a practical yet fun laminate paper DIY project! A laminated calendar, whether weekly or monthly, is the perfect addition to any home or office. Use color-coded dry erase markers to organize the commitments of each family member or worker. Or, better yet, choose different scrapbook paper for each family member or coworker and make them all their calendar. Now commitments such as school assignments, due dates, weekly chores, and more can be easily recorded and erased!

5) To-Do List

Similar to the calendar, a to-do list is another great laminate paper DIY project. Pick your favorite decorative paper, laminate, and list away! Whether it’s for a honey to-do list, school assignments, or work tasks this is a great project to post in your home or office. So long as you have dry erase markers, the possibilities for laminate paper DIY projects are truly endless.

6) Bookmarks

We love this laminate paper DIY project because it leaves so much room for creativity. Feel free to laminate your favorite decorative paper, draw a picture, print out your favorite book quote, or print a picture that’s near and dear to your heart. This project is even a great way to motivate children or grandchildren to read. Easy to make and fun to use, personalized bookmarks are a great first project to break in your new laminator!

7) Recipe Book

Sick of ruining old printed recipes with bits and pieces of food? Don’t want to bring your electronic devices into the kitchen to get them dirtied or possibly damaged? If this sounds like you in the kitchen, a recipe book might be the laminate paper DIY project for you! Whether it’s one recipe, or many holes punched together with a customized cover, your recipes can finally stay crisp and clean for generations to come!

8) Exercise Book

Got some important exercise pages that are starting to run a little ragged? Nothing distracts from a workout more than crinkled or ripped pages. Use your laminator to protect your exercise sheets and bind them together. Now they’ll stay protected and in the correct order, a win-win!

9) Labels

Got baskets of toys or boxes of important papers that feel disorganized? Then your laminator might have the solution for you! Simply pick your favorite scrapbook paper, and cut to your desired shape and size. Once you’ve run them through the laminator, affix some Velcro to the back and start sticking! Use dry erase markers to write on necessary label titles. Now your playroom, home office, and crafting room will be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate! Want a tutorial on how to make some cute aqua-colored, circular labels? Make sure you check out The Homes I Have Made great tutorial.

Our Three Favorite Laminator Machines

We can’t wait for you to give one of the laminate paper DIY projects above a try! They’re great for fulfilling the crafter and organizer in all of us!

But as excited as you are to try them out, perhaps you have one little problem. No laminator machine! If that’s you, fear not! Here are our top three picks, sorted by budget.

Lower Budget Option: Swingline Laminator

Price: $19.99

Rating: 4.5 StarsWhy we Love It: First of all, you really can’t beat the price! For just $20, you can give all of our recommended laminate paper DIY projects a try! Also, this machine comes with 5 lamination pouches to get you started and a 90-day warranty. You even get different machine color options and a lamination speed of 9 inches of paper per minute! So long as you don’t need to laminate papers bigger than 9 inches, this machine is a great option!

Medium Budget Option: Scotch Brand Pro Thermal Laminator

Price: $36.34 (or $65.34 for the machine plus 200 laminate pouches)

Rating: 4.1 Stars and Amazon’s Choice Product

Why we Love It: With Scotch’s “Never Jam” technology, this is a great option for the crafter who is hesitant to try new technology. The link below even offers a video showing step-by-step exactly how to use the product. Also, this machine has an automatic shut off after 1 hour. So there’s no need to worry about any kind of safety hazard here! We love when a company makes using a product foolproof, don’t you?

Higher Budget Option: Fellowes 5736606 Laminator Saturn 3i

Price: $108.31

Rating: 4.4 Stars and Amazon’s Choice Product

Why we Love It: This laminator is certainly for the crafter who is looking for speed and big project capacity. With a one-minute heat-up time and a 12-inch paper allowance, you can get a lot done with this machine in a short amount of time! And for those nervous crafters? An anti-jamming lever and auto shut off feature should put your mind at ease. Also, you’ll receive 10 lamination pouches to get you started, so you can start laminating right away!

So are you ready to take on these laminate paper DIY projects? Do you currently have a laminating machine? Have you used it for any other crafts?  There’s nothing we love more than the opportunity to help make your crafting time easier and simpler. Because the more efficiently you can craft, the more crafts you can make.

If you tried out any of these projects or products, let us know in the comments below! Were you new to laminating? What other projects have you experimented with? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to check out our Pinterest Boards for some great ideas.

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