3D Printer for crafters things you can create

3D Printer for crafters things you can create

3D Printers for Crafters: Things to Create

Have you ever wanted to create your own template or craft product because you could not find what you were looking for in stores or online?  But, you have envisioned this great idea in your head? 

This is one of the things that inspired the creations of JK Crafts. We could not find the Scrapbooking Album designs and kits that we wanted so we embarked on creating a couple of great designs that were inspired by things we would like in our scrapbook album kits. (Live Life Like a Butterfly and Mandala Scrapbook Album Kits.)  Not being able to find certain products and supplies has also been a dilemma for many of my friends from the crafter to the non-crafter.

My good friend’s daughter is getting married this summer and she is wanting to do specially designed cookie cutters for the enormous wedding festivities.  We were out to dinner with our other good friend who has a 3D printer and was talking about his creation for our friend. 

Subsequently, this got us thinking as to the many possibilities and uses there are for 3D printers for crafts.  Is this something that could make your crafting easier and/or save you time?  Or is this another gadget that is just really cool, but will take away your time from doing the crafts you love to learn something new?  You decide, but we thought it was worthwhile to at least tell you about these really cool techy finds.

What is 3D Printing?

It is the printing of three-dimensional objects by layering using various materials such as plastic, wax, epoxy resins, metals and even more.  For example, think of prototypes such as molds, scaling models such as buildings, prosthetics, and dental products.  You design them using CAD (computer-aided design) software.

How can I use 3D Printers for Crafts?

There are several projects that 3D printers would be great for the entrepreneur or serious DIY crafter and even the tech loving crafter.  Here are some 3D printer ideas for crafters to get you thinking about if this might be something you want to invest in your future:

  1. Stamps: If you love stamps and have a substantial collection and would love to design your own custom stamps.  In the 3D printing software, you can easily design custom stamps that you can use for various projects including embossing to jazz up all your different paper projects such as scrapbooks and card making.  Create your own custom line of stamps and sell them on Etsy!
  2. Embellishments: Have you seen a design of something online that you would love to create as an embellishment?  You can easily paint your own detailed flowers and bows.  Additionally, you can add these embellishments to paper and fabric projects.
  3. Stencils: Do you want a custom designed tile that you can put in your front walkway? Do you like to do ceramics?  Stencils always come in handy for various crafting projects big or small.  With the 3D printer for crafters you have the ability to do different size stencils with intricate detail.
  4. Jewelry: As has been noted above, various materials can be used for 3D printing.  Even though a lot of 3D printers use plastics the opportunity to use metals and create some ornate jewelry.
  5. Home Decor:  If you are a DIYer who loves to decorate you will be surprised with the number of items that you can create.  Such as, plant vases, picture frames, decorative wall art, drink coasters and key holders.
  6. Drawing: Do you like to draw?  3D pens are great for drawing out your own custom designs. These pens have largely been advertised as a children’s craft or toy, but they are definitely for all ages and skill levels of artists.  With a pen it is another way to easily create embellishments to much of your craft work.
  7. Storage Containers: Lastly, 3D Printers for crafters would help them store all their newly added crafting tools.  Seeing that we will need to store our stamps, embellishments and stencils our 3D printer would be great for this too.  Check out a company that is already doing this.

Should I buy a 3D Printer for Crafting?

When deciding on whether or not 3D printing may be for you, we think it’s important to ask yourself what will you be doing with it.  Are you going to be using this for your business?  Is this going to be a good return on investment?  Or are you a gadget gal or guy and love experimenting with new tech?  Regardless of where you may be on this spectrum, let’s take a look at some options out there.

Silhouette Alta
What appeals to us about the Silhouette Alta is that it is part of the Silhouette family, which has a large community of crafters. That means it should be easier to get help as well as they have their own design software with lots of templates.  Check out the Maker’s Muse video review to see if this is something that might interest you.

Polaroid Playsmart
This 3D Printer comes with a built-in camera for monitoring your printer job wherever you may be.   Also, the website for Polaroid looks to have a lot of different projects.  They also have a multi-color printing option.  Lastly, the software programs look like it would be easy to learn for beginners.  Check out the video from Sweet Red Poppy.

Creality 3D Ender Pro
As an option for others who might want one that might be more versatile and can handle larger projects, you might want to check out the Creality3D Ender 3 pro.  The Ender series 3D printers look to be good starters for the serious crafter who really wants to look into creating larger-scale projects and designs.

We do think that there would be more research to learn how to use efficiently, but it seems to be a larger community that you can reach out to for information.  There are also tons of great videos to watch from others in the 3D printing community on YouTube.  We found a great video from Just Vlad.  Take a look at his review on the Creality Ender 3 Pro.

3D Pen 
Finally, if you are just someone who is curious about the technology of this and want to check out what all the buzz is about, then we would say start with a 3D pen.  There are various ones out there and lots of cool projects out there that you can do.  Check out how someone has created a house for their pet rat with a 3D pen.  We thought we had seen it all.  It really is a cool creation and should not limit your imagination.

Overall, it is really great to see all the DIY things that you can do with 3D printers for crafts.  We love to explore technology and the new things that can help us in our creation journey with crafts.  We are constantly looking for inspiration and maybe it’s time to check out something new that inspires you to create.  Whatever you do remember to find the time for yourself and do the things that you love.

Let me know if you have any experience with 3D printing for crafts.  Also, if you are not ready for a 3D Printer check out the How to Choose the Best Die Cutting Machines blog post to help you up your crafting game.  What have you created? Comment or post your pictures here or on Facebook and Instagram!

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