Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

Best Paper Cutters for Crafters

There are some things in my toolbox that are must-haves and that I really want to have a good quality product. One of those items is my paper cutters. How is your paper cutter? Do you have the best paper cutter for your craft project? What are the most important features when purchasing a paper cutter or paper trimmer?

For the most part, many of us will be doing small projects. But for some of our teachers or creative entrepreneurs they might need more cutting power. You can be inundated with so many options of things to buy. You can be scrolling Amazon pages for days! That is why we recommend to base most of your purchases off of the following guidelines:

What will you be using your paper cutters for?
What types of paper will you be cutting, such as thin copy paper, thick cardstock or cardboard?
How often will you be using your paper cutter?
Do you have the storage space for a larger base?
What is the best product that I can get within my budget?

So, let’s take a look at some popular cutters that can really help you narrow down your choices.

Guillotine Paper Cutter:

Many people think of the traditional guillotine paper cutter that we had in school growing up. It could cut tons of sheets at a time with one long thick blade and could be very heavy. They also had an enormous base. Well, they still do make a Guillotine paper cutter, but they make smaller versions.

The Swingline Paper Trimmer is made of a relatively large plastic base of 12 inches cutting length which would be great for your large 12 x12 patterned paper. This cutter although with a considerably larger base and bigger than most portables is made of plastic and will be lightweight and easy to store.

The guillotine paper cutters are also great at cutting thicker sheets of paper such as cardstock. We also like that this has 2 measuring areas on the base for smaller precision cuts. This will be a great option for both the robust and occasion user. We do think that the Guillotine paper cutters will have the sharpest blades. Please do remember to keep these out of the way of the little ones. But they are definitely the best when you are cutting a lot. These would be great for teachers and creative entrepreneurs.

Rotating Paper Cutter:
The rotating paper cutter is probably the most popular of the paper cutters because they are lightweight and compact enough not to take up too much space. They have a small rotating blade and allow you to maneuver the paper in multiple positions. We like the Fiskars because of its extendable measuring arm for large pieces.

This is the perfect easy on the go travel companion to go with you when crafting with friends or at a crafting event. You also can easily buy replaceable blades at any time. We love the Fiskars SureCuts and they always have a Lifetime guarantee. Keep in mind that you will be limited to the number of papers that you can cut at once and these are not good for really thick cutting beyond cardstock.

We would advise these for the occasional users and those who are not doing large scale projects. However, if you are able to afford, we would recommend having one on hand for quick easy and for the portability factor. These are generally rather inexpensive and you can get a rather good rotating cutter for under $30.

Rotary Cutter:

The rotary cutter is a great versatile handheld cutter. The AGPTEK rotary cutter is great for cutting various types of materials in addition to paper. In addition, it comes with 7 replacement rotary blades.

It is also great for cutting multiple layers at one time with is a sharp rolling blade. This would be great for thicker materials such as cardboards and you would be able to freehand your cuts. What is also another nice feature of this AGPTEK rotary cutter is that you can set it up for both right-handed and left-handed cutters.

This would be ideal for a crafter who will do multiple varieties of craft projects and will use many different materials such as fabrics. This is a great all-around craft tool to have in any crafters toolbox if you are going to take on other hobby projects.

Hobby Knife:

The hobby knife is one of the most utilized tools around our house. It comes in handy from house projects to all craft projects because of its size and flexibility. This is a must-have paper cutter in your toolbox. We have used for scrapbooking, weeding vinyl, washi tape, as well as cutting precisely detailed edges. We suggest a kit that has multiple blades and base holders depending on the job such as the Mulwark 16pc Precision Craft Hobby Utility Knife Set.
You will use these exact knives regularly. A hobby knife is a wonderful tool when you need to do precision cuts. These knives are also great for the many vast materials that we crafters use such as foam, paper, vinyl, tapes, cardboard, clays, and many more.

Another convenience of these is that they don’t take up much space in your toolbox and trust having a good hobby knife is a wise investment for any crafter as it will be your number one utilized cutting tool. Make sure that you have one that comes with multiple blades that are easily changeable and can help you with numerous tasks like the Mulwark.

Edged Scissors:

Edged scissors are superb for scrapbooking, invitations and card making. This is a quick and beautiful added effect that you can have embellish or spice up your project. If you don’t have punches readily available this might be a far more inexpensive way to get a lot of the same effects that punches do without a lot of the cost of wasted space that punches can take up.

We really like the School Smart Paper Edger Scissors and if you are a hardcore paper crafter, we think these are a good investment. These Scissors will definitely be something that you come to often and will be a quick, easy and useful tool to improve your project. Furthermore, if you are into needlecrafts, they make edged scissors for fabric materials. Just make sure when you are shopping for edge scissors you are aware of and looking for the different materials that the scissors have the capacity to cut.

So as a crafter who does various crafting projects, from paper crafts to needlecrafts, painting, and just about anything else, we follow the rules we outlined earlier. Above all, what are we doing with our project, what will we be cutting, do we have the storage space, and what can we get that fits within our budget?

Lastly, we also think it is wise to have a versatile collection to be prepared with your supplies and get things that you can use with multiple projects. For us, a rotating paper cutter, hobby knife, and edged scissors are a must.

What are your must-have tools? By the way, check out our blog about the Top 15 Paper Craft Tools Needed in your Craft Tool Box.

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