10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter Needs

10 Types of Crafting Paper Every Paper Crafter needs

What’s the difference between relaxing crafting and stress orientated crafting? The difference is in preparation!  We have learned that just having the right tools on hand and knowing why you need those tools to make creating and artistry in your hobby less burdensome.  Remember we love doing crafting projects because it is supposed to be stress-free and makes us happy.  It gets all those happy endorphins going inside!  As a result of having these types of crafting paper on hand, you can get straight to your projects rather than driving frantically around town going to craft stores.

Think about the old Carpenter’s phrase, “measure twice, cut once”. The same with paper crafters. As a rule, if you buy quality and the right types of craft paper now, you’ll end up with a project you are proud of, with much less stress and more time back in your day.  From experience, these are some of the must-have papers that every paper crafter needs!

Types of Crafting Paper

There are, of course, tons of different types of craft paper.  But here are the main craft papers to consider stocking up on:

  1. Copy Paper

This is what people think of when they use the word “paper”. In actuality, copy paper can vary significantly in weight. For example, copy paper found in your everyday copy machine maybe around 20 lbs in weight. Paper that is 28 lb weight may be useable for some craft projects, but when it comes to projects like origami or printing custom planners then the types of crafting paper such as  32 lb paper will only do.
Copy Paper
The great advantage of 32lb copy paper is that you can easily print on it, allowing multiple craft capabilities.  You will feel a significant difference in the size of this weight paper.  This is a must for printing your custom planners if you are a planner babe like me.

2. Cardstock

Cardstock is by far the most popular and useful of craft papers. Cardstock has a consistency of weight somewhere between newsprint and cardboard. Frequently used in greeting cards, you can buy cardstock in dozens of colors. As a result, with enough cardstock, you will always be prepared for your crafting projects.
Cardstock paper

We recommend getting various color themes based on what you typically use for your color palettes. We always recommend the main primary colors, but if you tend to be one who uses lots of blues or lots of pastels then I would have plenty of stock of my most used colors. There is nothing like running out your favorite color when you truly need it.

3. Photo Paper

Photo paper is an incredibly versatile paper for crafting. This is a must-have for people who like to craft a lot with photo images, such as scrapbookers and photojournalists. A good quality paper for pictures is key.
Glossy photo paperBesides using your computer and applications such as photoshop or paint to transform an ordinary image into a Warhol masterpiece, there are many other uses.

Another method of using photo paper is to print an image, then use watercolor, poster paint or oil pastels to jazz it up. This mixed medium combo of image and color is incredibly fun because you don’t have to spend hours upon hours learning how to use a program like photoshop.

Within 10 minutes, you can easily transform an ordinary dog photo into a surrealistic work of art simply by pastel or poster painting the surrounding grass from green into a dark blue, and the trees into orange or copper.

Additionally, incredibly exciting use for photo paper is in painting directly onto the photo paper. You can use ordinary tools such as cotton swabs, colanders, or rubber stamps to quickly transform a piece of photo paper into a work of art.

  1. Adhesive Label Paper

Adhesive paper or labels also used for shipping labels is great to have on hand for stickers and embellishment projects.  They are great for when you find a free download such as frees stickers. (Print free winter themed stickers and see the tutorial at the blog.)
Adhesive Label Paper

Also, are you great at designing stickers? Easily, print your own with adhesive paper or specialty sticker paper. Create clever little symbols such as triangles, circles, squares, diamonds, hearts and the like that you just peel off. We consider this an absolute must-have and it will always come in handy.
Sticker Project Paper
5. Patterned Paper

Patterned paper costs a little more but it likely will be your go-to craft paper. Pattered paper, whether of bamboo type designs, stripes, flowers, seashells or jungles are often made by the premium designers.
Patterned Scrapbook Paper
There are many ways to use them, however, but the simplest is to take a colored greeting card, particularly one that is colored, then frame it with small strips of patterned paper. Instantly, you’ve created a project that not only looks professional but is unique.

Many crafters particularly like using patterned paper on small earring chests or other wood shapes that you can get at a hobby shop for under $5. Stain the wood, and then add accents using slivers of patterned paper.

6. Colored paper

Colored paper will come in handy for many different things. We always suggest having the main primary colors on hand. If you also tend to lean toward a certain type of color palette too, such as pastels, dark greens, or a specific color shade we recommend getting a pack of those colors too.

Colored paper  is simply ordinary bond paper with a tint. You can get bright packs of colored paper or muted ones, and usually, you get up to 5 different colors in a pack.
Colored Paper
The great thing about colored paper is that it is thin, so its easy to cut using scissors or an Exacto knife. (Also, check out Best Paper Cutters for CraftersBest Paper Cutters for Crafters.) If you are making a poster for example, with hand-cut letters, colored paper is what you want.

7. Vinyl Adhesive Paper

Similar to adhesive paper is vinyl adhesive, which is flexible and multipurpose and can be used to decorate walls, canvas, cars, wood, and many other smooth surfaces. Vinyl adhesives can be used to decorate nearly anything but we reserve this for our projects that need something durable and will not need heat.

We do consider this one of the important types of crafting paper because you can print on Vinyl adhesives with some printers. Just make sure you read the instructions and directions of the paper before you purchase.
Cricut Vinyl AdhesiveIf you have a die-cut machine such as a Cricut or Silhouette (Read about “How to Choose Best Die Cutting Machine“) you can create and cut designs on adhesive vinyl and add them to your custom-designed project.

Take a look at this great project on using vinyl adhesive for a DIY painted wood sign project. This is a great project that I guarantee any level of crafter can do in less than an hour.

8. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Heat transfer vinyl has been used for years to transfer t-shirts and with all the new inks out there, they have never been better. This is great to have for things that you will want to wash and dry as it will withstand the elements that are going to be more durable over time.
Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV
However, heat transfer is not just for t-shirts. They make great designs on totes that you take to the grocery store, and at a fraction of the cost. You can use HTV for literally infinite design possibilities such as custom pillows, and drink coasters.

Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV

We would recommend getting the traditional standard colors, but also having on hand some glitter heat transfer vinyl would be awesome for some added accent designs.

9. Tissue paper

Tissue paper is a very lightweight paper that is used for crafting. Using tissue paper you can make paper flowers, fake trees, colored paper turtles, goofy kids masks and a hundred other projects. As well as the need to have it for a gift bag is always essential.
Tissue Paper
Using tissue paper for crafting is fun, easy and fairly cheap. The bright colors also make great kids posters for school projects and are easy for kids to work with.

10. Poster Board and Cardboard

Sometimes you need a solid paper like poster board or cardboard for those inevitable projects that require a large surface and or thickness for a presentation displays and/or construction. Poster board is great to have on hand as an added surface area for any painting project that you might be tackling. Cardboard is great to have for constructing more sturdy boxes. You can easily turn both of these materials into larger display pieces for your work of art.
Poster Board for Crafting
Again, there are many different types of crafting paper out there for you to explore. But from our experience, unless you are a full-time crafter who is doing multiple projects and testing lots of crafting projects this list above will be all that you need to get started. Remember the goal is to take time for your self and do what you love and get back to your passions and hobbies.

Now that you have your list made for you, what’s your next project?  Let us know! 

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