time for yourself and passions in life

time for yourself and passions in life

How Make Time For Yourself and Your Passions in Life

Do you sometimes feel like you have lost sight of your true passions in life? Do you want to get that twinkle back in your eye that gets you excited about doing the things you love but have not made the time for it in forever?  Sound familiar?

Whether you are looking after your kids, spouse, or a sick family member, many of us, all over the world, feel overwhelmed and exhausted with all the responsibilities.

Often, 24 hours is not enough to complete all your tasks.

But will there ever be enough time to get everything we need and want to get done all the time?  Probably not, but that is okay!

It is 2020, and we need to refocus on getting that twinkle in the eye and that snap back in our step and focus on making time for yourself and your passions in life.


It’s the beginning of a new decade, you have realized that this is a time of gaining a new perspective? The year 2020 is very significant as it does not only talk about a new year but a clear vision (20-20) of what is ahead. One of the critical elements to make this happen is to take time for yourself.

Taking time for yourself to pause and recharge is the best way to make this new year count. Women, most specifically, are known to spend less time for themselves. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, in an interview at the 2019 Essence Festival states, “Many of us, we have a hard time putting ourselves on our own priority list, let alone at the top of it, and that’s what happens when it comes to our health as women. We are so busy giving and doing for others that we almost feel guilty to take that time out for ourselves.”  She goes on to say how we need to have these conversations with ourselves.  Check out this discussion and interview with Michelle Obama here.

Rather than succumbing to the vicious cycle dealing with the ordinary of life. Break the trend and start anew. Don’t let things burn you out. Step up and make the change. What do you get when you include me-time’ on your schedule? Taking time for yourself is a way to boost your well-being and create a better work-life balance. We are like electronic gadgets who get drained or an empty battery. Before that happens, recharge through allocating stress relieving hobbies.

How do I succeed at Self-Care this year?

The world is changing, and women often end up running against time to finish all the tasks at hand. Yet, even the fastest car needs to refuel. Thus, you must also give in to the much-needed time to relax and unwind. Here are ways to do self-care:

  1. Make yourself a priority.  Women are always known to put others first. But it is necessary to care for yourself first before others, especially on the talk about health.  You are only as good to others as you are good to yourself first!  Have the conversation with others to let them know you need this time for the betterment of everyone.  Get everyone on board with you to understand this is non-negotiable.
  2. Schedule your me-time.  Despite your busy work and home schedules, scheduling a specific time for yourself is still possible. Whether it be at least 20 minutes to an hour per day, depending on your free time is doable. One way to do this is to plot your day’s schedule in a Time Block. This allows you to pinpoint activities that are necessary and those that are lower priority of importance.
  3.  Ask for help.  We want to do it all sometimes.  But our talents and focus would be much better focused elsewhere making a bigger impact.  Where is your Return on Time (ROT)?  What should you focus your available time on that will get you the biggest reward?

What is your Passion?

Needless to say, a lot of us do not follow our true passions and hobbies as we are too caught up with the daily routine of life. There is nothing wrong with continuing the work you have as it is your current bread and butter so to speak.

Yet, be wary in letting the routine of your day to day grind deplete the desire in you, for creating and expanding to into your passions and hobbies in life. Thus, not living the life of your dreams leaving you unfilled and wanting more.

Following your passion rekindles the fire and energy within you. Such a spark can bring your life to a new level and see things from a different perspective. Find your fire and transform them into a hobby that makes you want to stand up every morning in anticipation of the minute or hours ahead.

Where should I start?Among the easiest hobbies to start and master and that we can dive into are arts and crafts. Making a hobby out of arts and crafts is hitting two birds with one stone. You unplug from the digital world and create something out of nothing — the beauty of arts. At the same time, seeing the finished artwork always provide a sense of fulfillment. The ultimate satisfaction in seeing your project can boost your morale and confidence to take on any challenge.

Here is a Craft Hobby Idea List you might want to try:

Jewelry MakingFrom bead-works to macrame, jewelry making is a fun way to channel your creative juices. More so, it can also be a source of extra income selling handmade jewelry.

Pottery. There is something magical in using your hand to carve what was once a discarded material like mud. Pottery has a therapeutic effect in easing a stressful mind and doing wonders with your hand.

Requiring skills and precision to create a piece not only for decorations but for daily usages like pots and vases.
Working with Threads. Many think that cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting, or weaving is for older generations. But you don’t need to be a grandmother to master these skills.

Working on threads either alone or with textiles is like painting in thin air. These hobbies enhance your ability to pay attention to details as you work on achieving the bigger picture.

Unlike other arts and crafts, it is something that you can bring with you wherever you go as long as it fits your bag. A hobby that you can carry while in transit or even on vacation.

Sewing. Sewing is an art that brings out the fashion diva in you. No need to worry about not fitting in the clothes you like. Instead, sew one yourself, which hugs you in all the right places.

With this skill, you can either make a new one or up-cycle old clothes revamping your old wardrobe. If you are skillful enough, you might find yourself creating your own line.

Origami. Origami is a paper-folding art that came from Japan. Origami is like a magic trick that turns an ordinary paper into a masterpiece.

Create your favorite animals, such as paper cranes, turtle, dinosaur, and rabbit. Or, make something useful like a paper wallet, gift boxes, and wrappers.  Origami teaches you to become patient and detail-oriented, life skills that will help you in your work.

Scrapbooking. No better way to keep those memories alive but through scrapbooking. Level up your collage and add cut-outs, stickers, washi tapes, and doodles. Bring out the kid in you as you play and enjoy designing the pages of your memoir.

Painting. Channel the inner Bob Ross in you as you find joy in painting. Revisit his old videos to find inspiration in painting landscapes that will blow your mind. Imbibe his principles and philosophies such as “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” And, when you made too many mistakes, call them abstract.

Not only does he motivate people to paint but also instill values and principles that help you become a better person. Like the canvas, life is limitless. You have the power to create anything out of it.

Floral design. Who does not like flowers? Flowers do not only make your heart flutter but bring a refreshing ambiance to any room. Whether you plan on keeping it to yourself or for your loved ones, a flower arrangement is a skill worth learning.

Polymer Clay. Pottery made easy. No need for complicated and messy materials as polymer clay gives you the same finish in a colorful design. You can create a bunch of different items from jewelry charms to paperweight to decorations.

What are you going to do in 2020 to make time for yourself and your passions in life?  We would love to hear how you are going to do Self-Care.

Also, check out the Craft Therapy and share what you are doing on Instagram at #JK_CraftsCo.  Start the new year right and keep those hands busy with a new or old passion and hobby.  You are worth it!  And, you are capable!

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