Fun Simple Easter Crafts Roundup

Fun Simple Easter Crafts Roundup

10 Fun Simple Easter Crafts Roundup

Simple Easter Ideas

Are you out of creative fun simple crafting ideas?  Have you been putting off doing a quick craft project with the kids or do you need a quick Easter gift idea that you can do in under an hour?  With every holiday we are always looking for a new fun and simple crafts for our busy lives.  We love to help you get inspired!  We want to help you find new craft ideas and options that you might not have thought about.  As well as we want you to find something simple for your busy life for those unexpected gifts or last-minute pop-up parties.  But most of all we want to help you enjoy your time crafting by having fun with your projects!  So, what can you do for fun simple Easter crafts this holiday?

10 Simple Easter Crafts

1.Centerpiece Mason Jars

These Centerpiece Mason Jars will be a hit at home or as a gift. Craftymorning.com has done a great job showing how to quickly put together. You can easily make several variations for those special people in your life with their favorite Easter candy treats. You can also easily customize a decorative color scheme of your choice. Although, this is a simple Easter craft you can add more complexity to it by adding more detail to the jar with paints and vinyl. Also, for an added touch, if you are giving as gifts you could add on a custom-made gift tag to the jar.

2. No-Sew Bunny

Most of us have on hand at all times some miss-matched socks that have mysteriously lost their partner. As well as we have socks that we just don’t like that might have been given to us as a gift from Aunt Betty. You also only need to have a few more items that we bet you already have on hand, such as rubber bands, rice, markers, and ribbon. This project will only take you five minutes and I guarantee you will love it! Check out this simple easy Easter craft from Feelingnifty.com.

3. Bingo!

Bingo is not only for little old lady’s! This is a great activity for adults and children. Make it interactive and create prizes for kids or adults with fun treats. Fun-squared.com has a free printable to get you started. Or let this inspire you and create your own.

4. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Do you remember that big stockpile that you have of Washi Tape? Well, this the perfect way to create some beautiful paper Easter eggs. All you are going to need is washi tape, egg template, cardstock paper, and scissors or a die cutting machine. This one project can be the base for many of the other Simple Easter Crafts we are going to talk about below. Take a look at the instructions on Laurascraftylife.com.

5. Paper Hatching Egg

These paper hatching eggs are adorable and would be great to use as cards. Additionally, you can use the washi tape Easter eggs you have created as a base. All you need is some card stock and a brad to pin together. You can create your egg designs by using colored pencils or markers too. Again, it is all based on time and effort on what you want to include in your project, but these can be expanded from simple to detailed. It could be changed up to add popup notes such as “Happy Easter” or other cute love quotes to your friends and family. Check out this how-to from Hellowonderful.co.

6. Bunny Pots

We love everything Bunny related! The bunny pots are a great project to add to your décor for the spring and summer. We love this again because it is great for gifts too and can be used as a centerpiece. You can easily customize all types of plants and different colored bunnies. Additionally, you can decorate the pots with some paint stenciling if you have time for some custom effects. We like the step by step how-to from Southerninlaw.com on how to create.

7. Reclaimed Wood Easter Sign

Reclaimed wood is becoming one of our favorite types of to-do crafting! We love the ability to get that love of a rustic look in our crafting. You can easily buy these rustic looking pieces or you can make your own easily with some paint or vinyl that you cut with your die-cutting machine such as a Cricut. See Cricut.com. This is a great project that can be done in an hour! Budgetingwithboys.com laid this project out easily and simple!
So where can you get reclaimed wood? Check out Rockin’ Wood also at Amazon. You can get a box of planks to have on standby because we promise this will be a craft project that you will thoroughly enjoy!

8. Easter Egg Paper Wreath

Another great way to use your washi tape Easter eggs is to build an egg paper wreath. You can also easily use various patterned papers to make your wreath. These are great quick decorative pieces that can be placed on your front door for the occasion or just around the house. You can easily add embellishments to the wreaths with ribbon and yarn. We love the quick and easy instructions from Resourcefulmama.com.

9. Easter Egg Ornaments

Easter egg ornaments are great for decoration! They are simple Easter crafts that can be incorporated from other paper projects you might be working on. You need very few supplies on hand if you are already a paper crafter. Additionally, you can also batch these easily if you have a die cutting machine so that you can make multiple cuts without the need to hand cut. You could do a long decorative streamer made of Easter egg ornaments. You can also add these to an Easter tree. We love how Firefliesandmudpies.com also incorporates these into children’s coloring projects as well!

10. Easter Egg Tree

One of our absolute favorite ideas is from Peanutblossom.com. We love this idea of a homemade Easter egg tree. For simplification, we would use some paper Easter egg ornaments as we suggested above. You could also use plastic eggs as well. How about making a tree of Easter egg chocolates? We also like the idea of picking up a nice potted tree plant from a nursery to give it some flare. This would also be a great centerpiece or gift for someone this holiday. We love the idea of also just taking some branches and flowers from your garden to incorporate into this Easter Egg Tree. If you have some silk flowers that you have used on other projects this would be an ideal way to use those flowers for added dimension.

So, what fun simple Easter crafts projects are you going to work on today? We hope we have inspired you to try something new. Furthermore, take a look at the blog Top 15 15 Paper Craft Tools needed in Your Craft ToolboxPaper Craft Tools Needed in Your Craft Toolbox to make sure you have all the items you need. And make sure you let us know what you will be working on. Want more ideas? Follow JK Crafts on Pinterest for more great ideas and make sure to take a look at our Simple Easter Crafts Pinterest Board!

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