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10 Ideas for Travel Scrapbook

10 AWESOME Ideas for Travel Scrapbook! We know JK Crafters, we know.  2020 hasn’t been the most conducive for travel plans.  In fact, sometimes just a trip to the supermarket can feel like a cause for excitement these days!  But, all joking aside… Just because you might not have travelled this year, doesn’t mean you don’t already have plenty of adventure book material!  From old family vacation photos, to those day trip snapshots that are taking up space on your phone… we have the perfect, entertaining stay-at-home solution with some great ideas for your travel Scrapbook Half the fun of … Read More

Best Scrapbook for Dogs Ideas

Best Scrapbook for Dogs Ideas Are you obsessed with your Fur Family?  From kitten purrs to wet puppy kisses, everyone appreciates a good, loyal furry friend in their lives.  And that’s exactly why we decided to dedicate today’s scrapbook inspiration post to… Scrapbook for Dogs! Nobody has to tell us the great impact four-legged friends have on our lives.  They give our lives extra joy, laughter, and smiles each and every day!  And so, what better way to commemorate these PAW-esome creatures than with a scrapbook for pets? So, whether your fur child’s first birthday is coming up, or someone … Read More

Scrapbook for wedding

scrapbook for wedding ideas and inspiration

All the Scrapbook for Wedding Ideas and Inspiration You’ll Ever Need! Do you scour the web for scrapbook layout ideas looking for your next inspiration?  Do you need a scrapbook for wedding ideas to do for your BFF or your own wedding?  Yep, that is me too!  We are here to help you, and as promised, it’s time for us to release the first of our 20 scrapbook idea inspiration posts!  We’ve done the hard work for you and put together posts that are fun, informative, and inspiring all at once.  Because let’s be honest, if there’s any year, you … Read More