Arts and Crafts Therapy Movement

Arts and Crafts Therapy Movement

Using Arts and Crafts as an expressive Art Therapy activity

arts and crafts supplies
I am not the best crafter!  I do not claim to be a craft guru.   I have girlfriends who can put together the best things ever!  Yeah, Deb and Rita I am talking to you! 🙂 Although, I am not the best crafter by far, I still love it!  I don’t do it enough but when I do, I am so happy, calm and at peace.  I enjoy trying new things and I love the relaxing of working on a project and just zoning out for a bit and some days I can go for hours and hours.  You don’t have to be great at it, its ok to make a mistakes.
Meditating in art studio
Have you tried diamond painting??? I love it and all I am doing is putting little beads on a canvas.  It is so relaxing to me.   

I literally think I have tried almost every craft out there, from making soaps, clay pots, diamond painting, card making ect.  

And it has been a great time to get away from the day to day grind of whatever might be harping on your mind.

So I am challenging myself to decompress a bit more and commit to taking time for myself and my mental health, yes, I am saying it, to do something crafty every week! 

Yes, my type A personality needs to take a break and relax a bit….. ok a lot.  Anyone ever heard of anxiety???? 🙂

jewelry making

And now when my husband asks me why I have spent money on some new crafting supplies I can honestly not bat an eye and tell him this is my stress reliever and that crafting is proven to help with Anxiety.

Why Arts and Crafts activities are good for you:

      1. Reduces Anxiety and Depression -Take time for yourself for peaceful zone out time!  There are some great articles out there being written mental health and the benefits of the arts.  Check out these articles by the Mental Health Org of UK and Very Well Mind.

    2. Great way to have fun with friends and family with a quick and easy project.

3. Best Gifts are the ones that you have taken time to put your heart into.

Let’s do this!  Take time for yourself and do something new or old, but just take time for yourself as you deserve it!  Join my weekly challenge of “Craft Therapy”!  Post a picture of yourself crafting or your project and share with us what you are working on and comment with a #JKCraftsTherapy at the blog, Facebook, or Instagram and lets start a Craft Therapy Movement! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you!Iva