Valentines Day Paper Crafting Inspiration

Valentines Day Paper Crafting Inspiration

Valentine’s Day Paper Crafting Inspiration and Ideas Roundup

Are you guys like me and always searching for some last-minute inspiration for an event or party that you have been invited to? Or are you just need some ideas of projects that you can do quickly and easily and will not take hours upon hours? Well, I have done the research for you! Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day themed paper crafting projects.

1. Valentine Heart Cone Tree

This is a great Valentine’s Day themed paper crafting project because it is very few materials really needed, but you can doll or glam it up as much as you like. You can also use different types of paper to get different effects. What would this look like with Metallic or Glitter paper? You can also make these themed for other holidays.

This would be great to also try this with other types of shapes. What would it look like with Christmas trees? What other things could you display on this tree?

The different types of paper alone with so many designs and types intrigue me about this project. I see many possibilities with this project depending on how much detail you wanted to take on.

2. Pop-Up Valentine Card

Homemade cards are my absolute favorite gifts to receive. These homemade cards are very personable. You cannot go wrong with this easy to do pop-up by Lia Griffith.

There are many different variations of pop-up cards that you can do. You can easily batch these types of cards too.

Check out the JK Crafts Pinterest board for some great ideas on some of my other favorite cards.

3. Party Fan Decorations

If you are throwing a Valentine’s day party and want an inexpensive way to have great decorations and be able to use your custom designed scrapbook paper try this out. Party fans are a great way to decorate a party area such as table displays, wall and ceiling hangings.

This is another project that is easy and requires very little material and you can customize with all the different paper designs and types that you have available. You can make these in all different sizes just by cutting your paper sizes or adding more paper to your fan.

This could be a great way to get your kids involved in helping you get all these decorations set for their parties.

4. Valentine’s Themed Paper Lanterns

Here is another great project that I found from LiaGriffith.com. If you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine you will love make making these paper lanterns because the die cutting machine makes this such an easy Valentine’s Day paper crafting project.

These lanterns would be great for gifts or decorations. Again, this is something that can be very basic in design or if you have more time this could be as detailed and fancy as you would like. You can use these with the flame-less tea lights.

Above all these are versatile and you can use for many different occasions and themed parties. You can use a variety of words for these lanterns. See how to make them here.

5. Valentine Scrapbook

Are you as obsessed with honoring your fur babies as I am with mine? Don’t forget to honor your favorite 4-legged fur baby in your Valentine’s themed scrapbooking layout. One of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day paper crafting project is a scrapbook from the heart.

Create a scrapbook homage to your pet to keep or for a special gift. Do you know someone who has recently lost their cherished best friend?

Gather their pics from Facebook and do a Tribute Scrapbook for their beloved fur baby. Knowing that you took the time to create something absolutely special for them to remember their pet would mean a lot!

Check out this beautiful themed Scrapbook layout inspired off a design by Shimelle Laine. There are many layouts that you can do on a Valentine’s theme in addition to your pets.

Get inspired by also checking out my Pinterest board for Valentines Scrapbook layouts.

6. Valentine’s Treat or Swag Bag

This a great idea if you need to do gifts for either large or small group of people. Not only is this one of my favorite things to do, but it is probably one of the easiest craft projects to do. You can do this as iron-on or vinyl easily with a Cricut machine. This would be great for any occasion really and you are able to personalize these.

In addition, you can add some really cute name tags to the bag, if you have time of course. These can be filled with candy treats for a valentine’s day party or they would be great for an adult party to be filled with maybe a couple of flavored nips.

For us crafters we could put in stamps or Valentine’s Day paper crafting embellishments for our crafting friends. I know I would love those! Check out Alice and Lois.

7. Floral Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Design Improvised has a great Valentine’s Day paper crafting tutorial on how to floral mailbox that I think is great. Alternatively, I do believe you can easily put your own spin on this project to make it easier or more dramatic depending on your time constraints.

If you are short on time I would definitely buy the pre-made mailbox. I would also think that using pre-made embellishments such as paper flowers would be just as easy if not quicker in contrast to the artificial flowers. You can definitely make this easier by not going that route with worrying about a hot glue gun to keep the flowers glued down.

An even quicker option would be to by already painted mailbox. Furthermore, if you have the time, you could even create your own paper mailboxes with an SVG cut.

This project opens up many options and ideas and gets my craft ideas flowing! This would be a great decoration to put on your desk or front mail table.

8. Love Coupons

My husband has actually made these for me for a few Valentine’s Day gifts in the past. I should say Staple’s did. My husband is not a crafter and it truly was the thought that counted!

And next to the pictures with our fur babies these are always my favorite gifts from him! We have done these as dinner dates, massages, do my laundry day.

Yes, people doing my laundry is love…..LOL You can easily make these as fancy or not so fancy as you want with just the supplies that you have around the house. You can use any type of paper and pens around. Trust me your partner will appreciate these.

Also, this is great Valentine’s Day paper crafting project for kids too. The best thing as well it does not have to cost you a dime. Everything comes from the heart and those gifts are always the best. Get inspired by the ones listed at Brit & Co.

9. Valentine’s Compliment Jar

I got this idea from a Pinterest post for teachers about teaching kids to be kind in the classroom and give other students compliments.

The idea comes from a great website called Teacherspayteachers.com. Who would know better about a Valentine’s Day paper crafting project better than our great teachers?

They have a lot of great resources for teachers, but I think they can also be incorporated outside of the classroom.

I loved this concept and this made me think why not only do this in the classroom but also this idea could be implemented at home or at work to keep a positive vibe going among family or your coworkers.

What a great way to set the tone of acknowledging the great things about our comrades.

10. Wine Bag

In addition to the Valentine’s Treat or swag bag we talked about above, you can do a larger version for wine. Check out this awesome project at My Paper Craze blog. I am a wine lover so I love the idea of this for gifts for friends.

Also, I can think of many other goodie bags I could do for personalized gifts in the future for people. This is a great fall back to item because it is super easy and quick and you can always have stockpiled for an emergency gift. You can get bags at the dollar stores, Christmas Tree shops or on Amazon.

Lastly, check out my blog post about the Top 15 Paper Craft Tools Needed in Your Craft Toolbox so that you will have your supplies readily available. I hope these ten Valentine’s Day paper crafting projects has inspired you to get started on your next creation.

Make these as easy or detailed as you like. Most of all these ideas can be configured or used for other holiday’s or themed parties too.

Which of these Valentine’s Day Paper Crafting projects are you going to try? Let me know below in the comments and/or post on the Facebook page or Instagram pictures of your projects! I cannot wait to see what you are doing!

Most of all have fun and don’t forget Crafting is Therapy! #JKCraftsTherapy

Crafting out!


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