Mothers Day Craft Ideas for the DIYer

Mothers Day Craft Ideas for the DIYer

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for the DIYer

Mother's Day Craft Ideas for the DIYer

We can’t believe that it’s nearly that time of year again, Mother’s Day. And as much as we love Mother’s Day to commemorate our mother figures, the day doesn’t come without its stressors. What presents should you get your mom? What gift can convey how much she means to you while still being original? Besides, mom practically has everything…what else is there to get her?

If you’ve racked your brain with these questions for the last few weeks, we understand. Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is certainly challenging. Some are too cheesy; others aren’t thoughtful enough…what do you do? Luckily, this is exactly where your crafting skills can come in handy!

We know, crafting for your mother sounds a bit silly at first, but give us a chance. Below we’ve compiled ten of our favorite adult Mother’s Day craft ideas that your mother will like. So not only will she genuinely appreciate the gift…you’ll have fun making it too! But what if you don’t have the time or energy to craft for Mother’s Day this year? Don’t sweat it! Our second set of Mother’s Day craft ideas will appeal more to your creative side: Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts!

So, what are you waiting for? Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Dive into our 20 awesome Mother’s Day craft ideas – we know you’ll find one you and your mom will love!

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

1) Custom Scrapbook

There are few things mothers enjoy more than reminiscing on past family memories. Why not take advantage of this for this years’ Mother’s Day. Not only are scrapbooks thoughtful, but they also give you a great excuse to do your favorite thing: craft! Start by collecting pictures of your mom and think of a theme. Maybe a vacation you took together, a recent family event, or simply just growing up through the years. To get some ideas take a look at our Top 5 Creative Scrapbook Ideas. If you’re having trouble getting started, you can also grab a scrapbook starter kit here:

2) Potted Plant with Decor

Of course, getting mom a plant for Mother’s Day is nothing new…but it could be! Add your personal crafty touch to a potted plant to turn the average Mother’s Day into something special! Whether it’s painting a design onto the pot or die-cutting out a decal, your mom is sure to love it. Some of our favorite quotes to adorn your mother’s new plant pot with? “Mothers Plant Seeds of Love that Grow Forever.” Or, if your mom enjoys soothing plants and puns: “Aloe you Vera much.”

3) Custom Jewelry (with a Cricut Maker)

If it seems like every time you see your mom she’s wearing a new accessory, this might be the perfect craft for you! From faux leather earrings to engraved metal cuffs, the possibilities are endless. Check out some amazing tutorials for earrings here:

Or here for engraved bracelets or necklace pendants:

4) Personalized Tote Bag (with Cricut Vinyl or Cricut Easy Press)

These days, everyone can use a tote bag. Whether it’s to carry groceries or personal items, tote bags are always a welcome gift. Especially if they are customized! Personalizing tote bags is easy to do and fun because there are so many options. You can pick a favorite quote, your mom’s initials or a cute graphic to adorn your Mother’s Day tote. You can easily do this with Cricut Vinyl or an Easy Press. If you do not have die cutting machine make sure to take a look at How to choose the Best Die Cutting Machine. For step-by-step instructions on how to do it, click here:

5) Inspirational Quote Art

If your mother was always a beacon of wisdom growing up, then perhaps it’s time to return the favor. Select a quote and use your favorite die-cutter to put it on a canvas or wooden plaque. Now every time your mom passes by your thoughtful quote, she’ll think of you. For more instructions on how to tackle this craft, look here:

6) Personalized Stationery

If your mom always writes letters or leaves herself notes, this could be the perfect gift. If you’re skilled on the computer and have got a printer that can handle card stock, you’re just a few clicks away from creating your mom personalized stationery that she’ll love. Be careful though, because if she loves it so much that she runs out, you’re the first person she’ll call!

7) Personalized Drink Ware (with Cricut Vinyl)

Every mom has their drink of choice. Maybe it’s coffee, maybe it’s tea, maybe it’s wine. Whatever it is, you can purchase the appropriate drinking vessel and personalize it for Mother’s Day. Whether you customize it with her name, initials, or a comedic quote is up to you. But either way, it’s a gift that’s simple to craft and memorable to give. Here are some more instructions so you can do it with ease:

8) Spa Day Goodies

Nothing is more thoughtful and relaxing than a homemade facial or body scrub. These are so simple to make and always welcomed by any mom. And, to add even more of a crafty touch, you can personalize it! Gift the spa goody in a mason jar and personalize the outside using the same vinyl process as above. (And, if you want more spa themed Mother’s Day craft ideas, check out idea number 5 below!)

9) Customized T-Shirt or Blanket

No mom can ever have enough T-Shirts or blankets. So, why not make her a memorable one? You can take this idea anywhere from a funny T-shirt quote, like “You can’t scare me, I have kids.” To something more heartfelt, like “Blessed Mom.” However, you choose to go, we’re sure you’ll think of the perfect design for your mom. For a vinyl iron-on tutorial to customize your T-Shirt or blanket, check here for a tutorial:

10) Customized Apron (with Cricut Vinyl)

A custom apron is a great gift for any mom who spends time in the kitchen or garden. Add some florals, a quote, or her name, and you’ve made an inexpensive yet memorable gift. Once you know what text or graphic to put on the apron, check here for step by step instructions:

DIY Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

1) Crafting Gift Basket

Did you get your crafting bug from your mom? If so, then this crafting gift basket should call both of your names! Simply get a basket and stash it with all of your mom’s favorite crafting supplies. And luckily, no one knows her better than you. Is she a painter? Treat her to some new brushes, paints, and easels. More of a knitter? Needles and rounds of yarn will certainly make her day!

Or perhaps she’s more of a crafting hobbyist? Nothing wrong with a few paint by numbers sets, coloring books, and markers! You can even let your own crafting skills shine by adding a personalized card or crafting supply bag! We even found a tutorial for a personalized bag right here:

2) Travel Gift Basket

Perhaps your mom is more of an “on-the-go-gal!” If traveling is her thing, try to make a gift basket dedicated to it. Get out your stencils or iron-on papers and personalize a travel tote, sunglasses, or beach towel for your mom.

Or better yet, instead of putting everything inside a basket, give it to her in a new carry-on bag! Does your Mom like to go to the beach and have a nice nip discreetly? Now she’ll be ready to embark on her next trip in crafty, customized style and fun!

3) Green Thumb Basket

If you can’t drag your mom out of the garden, then why not make her a gardening gift basket. Grab some of her favorite seeds, succulents, and fresh gardening tools and arrange them in a gardening pot. Or, if you’re itching to craft, feel free to make things personal too! A personalized apron or planting pot is easy, adorable, and memorable. If you need more inspiration to personalize your mom’s green thumb basket, check Mother’s Day craft idea #2 above.

4) Snuggle Gift Basket

Let’s face it, some moms just love to snuggle! If that sounds like your mom, why not show her you appreciate with a snuggly gift basket! New pajamas, slippers, a bathrobe, and a blanket could be the perfect things to personalize and brighten her Mother’s Day. And, think about other things your mom enjoys when she snuggles up on the couch. Is she a movie buff? Add some DVDs. Does she enjoy snuggling up with a good book? Order some of her favorites or give her an eBook gift card to spice up her eLibrary

5) Spa Gift Basket

If your mom loves nothing more than a good day at the spa, then bring the spa to her. Get creative and make her your very own pampHER basket! Stock up on some of her favorite soaps, nail polishes, and hair products. Or, if your crafty side wants to come out, make her a custom face mask:

or body scrub:

She’ll love the extra thought you’ve put into them. And of course, you can get crafty and decorate the containers with cute self-made labels and graphics!

6) Cozy Beverage Basket

We already know, everyone in life is one or the other: a coffee lover or tea enthusiast. Whichever your mom is, go ahead and create a gift basket themed around it. Pick up some artisan coffees or teas and arrange them accordingly. And of course, no warm beverage is complete without a little snack! This is a great opportunity to throw in a homemade baked good if you’re up for it! Or of course, store-bought cookies and biscuits are great too.

And finally, don’t forget a personalized mug. From your mom’s favorite quote to her favorite picture, there’s nothing better than crafting a mug that your mom will use each morning and think of you. If you need some inspiration, just check out this design here:

7) Wine and Spirits Basket

Perhaps your mom is more of an evening beverage person if you catch our drift. If that sounds more like your mother’s cup of tea – or should we say a glass of wine – then this is the perfect gift basket option! Grab your mom’s favorite wine or spirit, and add the appropriate chocolate or cheese and crackers pairings. And of course, to add your crafty touch, you can create a custom wine glass. Check out this awesome Pinterest wine glass decal idea:

8) Fitness Gift Basket

Is your mom a bit of a fitness freak? If so, you can use this as your Mother’s Day gift basket inspiration! Personalize her a yoga mat or rag for her next trip to the gym. Or better yet, personalize her a water bottle so she’ll think of you during her next work out. (Find out how to do just that here:

And, to top it all off, add some of her favorite healthy snacks!

9) Chef Gift Basket

Never can get your mom out of the kitchen? Perhaps a chef gift basket is the best way to go! Grab an apron, some oven mitts, and a chef hat, and if you’re ambitious, personalize them! A recipe book, spices, and brand-new cooking utensils can also fill out this gift. And, if you want to impress mom, use a brand-new pot to hold all her new goodies instead of a basket. She’ll love her new cooking equipment and you’ll love the smile on her face when you deliver it to her!

10) Movie Lover’s Gift Basket

If your mom is a movie junkie- this might be the gift basket you’ve been waiting for! A new blanket (which you can personalize), microwave popcorn, candy, and some movies will impress your mom. Or, if you’re ready to take your mom to the next level, also gift an online streaming service subscription. This way she can enjoy all of the top TV shows of today, and the classic movies of yesterday too!

There are many Mother’s Day Craft ideas to choose from or maybe you can take a little of all her favorites and create the “Best of Mom’s Favorites”.  Whatever you decide to do these are always great for all the Mom’s, Grandma’s, Sister’s, and Aunts out there.

Let me know what you are creating!  Come join me on Facebook and Instagram and make sure to check out our Pinterest Boards for some great crafting ideas.

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