Arts and Crafts Therapy Movement

Using Arts and Crafts as an expressive Art Therapy activity I am not the best crafter!  I do not claim to be a craft guru.   I have girlfriends who can put together the best things ever!  Yeah, Deb and Rita I am talking to you! 🙂 Although, I am not the best crafter by far, I still love it!  I don’t do it enough but when I do, I am so happy, calm and at peace.  I enjoy trying new things and I love the relaxing of working on a project and just zoning out for a bit and some days I … Read More

Cultivate Your Craft Giveaway!

JK CRAFTS Cultivate Your Craft Giveaway!! “Cultivate your Craft Giveaway” has become way more than just a simple giveaway but it is the launch of me fulfilling a life long dream and me believing in myself that I can become an entrepreneur.  I decided to really take the plunge and put my all in this over a year ago!  I was supposed to launch my first product in November 2018 and it is now August 2019.  Needless to say I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was, as I sit here shaking my head at myself, because … Read More